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(no subject)

You know, I wouldn't have to keep making these posts about bra shopping if I'd stay the same damn size for more than five minutes straight.

Three months ago, or thereabouts, I bought a new bra at Victoria's Secret, where they kindly informed me that I was a 40D, probably headed towards 40C. Okay. I could handle that. Sure, you don't get the really cool bras, but at least you can buy something there, instead of being relegated to the icy hinterlands of DD. (...So...cold....)

And yeah, I've lost a little weight since then, so the looseness of said bra was no great surprise. I assumed that, as is normal in women losing weight, I'd dropped a cup size. In the course of packing, I also came to the glum conclusion that my underwear drawer is an absolute disgrace to humanity, threw out about ten pairs that should have been mercifully executed years ago, realized that my underwear shopping also hadn't kept up with my weight loss, and decided it was time to go blow some hard-earned book advance on what is euphemistically known as intimate apparel.

Off I went. Victoria's Secret is my choice for bras, because a bra is a complex beast and it is best left to the professionals. I slouched in and was accosted by a dead-eyed saleswoman. "40C?" I asked hopefully. She looked vaguely past me and waved in the direction of the back, where they keep the sizes for those of us who are more Bouguereau than Nagel. I sighed.

Once in the back, another saleswoman, much less dead-eyed, descended on me, like a blond whippet on a despairing rabbit. "What are you looking for?"

"40C?" I asked, much less hopefully.

She eyed me up and down and said "No."


"You're not a 40. There's no way you're a 40."


"Not a chance. Come on." She unslung her tape measure and hustled me into the back. "You're a...yup...36D exactly."

"...I am?" I haven't been below a 40 in years.

"Yup. Perfectly on the nose, too, not a half size or anything."

"Well, I did lose a lot of weight recently...Does this mean you have more bras that will fit me?"

"Do we ever. Here, take these...and these...and these...and this one..."

So, having apparently dropped four inches around the ribcage in three months--but not a cup size--I then spent far, far too much money on a pair of bras that actually fit. Because suddenly Victoria's Secret had a whole shit-load of stuff that fit me.

I stared in the drawers that were now my size and thought They actually make bras in colors other than white and beige?

Dude. I mean, I don't NEED leopard print or stuff with rhinestone hearts, but it's nice to know that if I felt the urge, the choice is there!

(Mind you, in another few months, I'll probably be back there shopping again, but wow. Divorce is one HELL of a diet plan.)

Maybe someone has already told you these things; my comment is the 68th. Or maybe you already knew. But

1) bra sizes are different from one brand to another, and

2) cup size varies with band size, as: the cup of a 36D is equivalent to the cup of a 38C is equivalent to the cup of a 40B. At least, that's what I'm told on thirty_twod.

pics pics pics!

ahem...sorry: male-ness showing.

"Do we ever. Here, take these...and these...and these...and this one..."

Yeah, I know what you mean. I used to be able to shop at VS. My body has changed and is just outside their range of "normal." There might be a bra or two there in my size, but they're usually funky colors or odd styles and just don't suit me. The fitters there rarely know what they're doing, I've found. I've been leaning more toward Nordstrom lately, since I can find bras that fit and people that can accurately measure you and help you determine what bras will work for you.

There are few things in the world better than a well-fitted bra!

Used underwear sale at Ursula's house!!!

Emotional trauma in general can be one hell of a diet. I dropped 40lbs when my ex fiance and I broke up...and scarily, went up a cup size!

Now I'm doing the personal training thing. Losing inches around the chest, and not the breast. Sometimes I don't understand the way I work - aren't you supposed to lose boobs when you lose weight/gain musckles?

*nod* I kicked the last stubborn 10 when my ex and I broke up, and probably would've dropped more except that I really didn't have it to lose.

Sadly, no cup size change. But I kinda like my 34Cs, so hey, no complaints!

you need a bra with flames on it.

cause they don't make ones with squids.

Welcome to the land of 36D. Personally, I hate it here.

*looks longingly at Happy C-Cup Land*

I lack pity for you, I'm 4'11" and 40DDD. *looks longingly at happy D-Cup Land*

Wow.... maybe I should get measured...

Wait wait wait.

Everyone needs leopard-print undergarments of some description.

Actually I think most men don't.

Oh man. I'd love to see a Digger on Bra shopping.
"Well we have these which come in lace... and this which comes in satin... and this style which comes in re-inforced mole leather with a pick-axe holster and brass riveting."

Congrats :) I remember that feeling. I'm a DD, so it's still a bit tough, but a 40 to a 36 is such a difference! I have bras I bought for EIGHT DOLLARS. I love it, and I'm happy for you.

What amuses me is I read *every comment* on these kinds of post like some kind of explorer desperate for good news of home. :)

now if they'd just make bras for a 36F cup. I mean, they show all those models who LOOK that big...but of course, all those bras are supporting are perky silicon, and not like, REAL BOOBS.


Some of us nerd boys have learned of these amazing things they call "tact" and "manners." Some (and sadly, only some) of us nerd boys aspire to be gentlemen.