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You know, I wouldn't have to keep making these posts about bra shopping if I'd stay the same damn size for more than five minutes straight.

Three months ago, or thereabouts, I bought a new bra at Victoria's Secret, where they kindly informed me that I was a 40D, probably headed towards 40C. Okay. I could handle that. Sure, you don't get the really cool bras, but at least you can buy something there, instead of being relegated to the icy hinterlands of DD. (...So...cold....)

And yeah, I've lost a little weight since then, so the looseness of said bra was no great surprise. I assumed that, as is normal in women losing weight, I'd dropped a cup size. In the course of packing, I also came to the glum conclusion that my underwear drawer is an absolute disgrace to humanity, threw out about ten pairs that should have been mercifully executed years ago, realized that my underwear shopping also hadn't kept up with my weight loss, and decided it was time to go blow some hard-earned book advance on what is euphemistically known as intimate apparel.

Off I went. Victoria's Secret is my choice for bras, because a bra is a complex beast and it is best left to the professionals. I slouched in and was accosted by a dead-eyed saleswoman. "40C?" I asked hopefully. She looked vaguely past me and waved in the direction of the back, where they keep the sizes for those of us who are more Bouguereau than Nagel. I sighed.

Once in the back, another saleswoman, much less dead-eyed, descended on me, like a blond whippet on a despairing rabbit. "What are you looking for?"

"40C?" I asked, much less hopefully.

She eyed me up and down and said "No."


"You're not a 40. There's no way you're a 40."


"Not a chance. Come on." She unslung her tape measure and hustled me into the back. "You're a...yup...36D exactly."

"...I am?" I haven't been below a 40 in years.

"Yup. Perfectly on the nose, too, not a half size or anything."

"Well, I did lose a lot of weight recently...Does this mean you have more bras that will fit me?"

"Do we ever. Here, take these...and these...and these...and this one..."

So, having apparently dropped four inches around the ribcage in three months--but not a cup size--I then spent far, far too much money on a pair of bras that actually fit. Because suddenly Victoria's Secret had a whole shit-load of stuff that fit me.

I stared in the drawers that were now my size and thought They actually make bras in colors other than white and beige?

Dude. I mean, I don't NEED leopard print or stuff with rhinestone hearts, but it's nice to know that if I felt the urge, the choice is there!

(Mind you, in another few months, I'll probably be back there shopping again, but wow. Divorce is one HELL of a diet plan.)

Oh don't I wish. For me, Victoria's Secret is still white and beige. *waves to you from your old boat* Toss me a rope? lol

I went in about a year ago to be fitted, got some lovely bras which I have worn ragged so I went back again. Because I was brave I asked one of the lovely sales ladies "why do the underwires always stab me?" Never ask such a leading question. Before I knew it I was in a dressing room with two women strapping me into an array of bras, in a size I never dreamed of being. $115 later I am the happy owner of 3 36DD bras that don't stab me in the solar plexus or ride up in the back. It's amazing the things these women can do.

I'm sure after 141 comments someone has already told you this, but Victoria's Secret does NOT fit bras correctly (in most cases).

A very dear friend worked at a store called Trousseau which specializes in lingerie. She'd always tell stories about going into Victoria Secret and being told she was a 36B (she was a 32DD, I think). She posted this in her blog a couple months ago.

Friday, January 13, 2006

For the ladies!
Current mood: mischievous

this has been prompted by working at Trousseau all month and remembering how it is to fit people into bras and how many are in the wrong bra size (it's estimated that 80% of america is in the wrong size)! here is how to fit your bra ladies as stated by Trousseau! (great place, you should all go there!!! www.trousseaultd.com)

"Grab a tape measure and snugly measure around your rib cage just below the bust making sure that the tape measure is smooth and flat all the way around you. Take this number and add 5 inches to determine your band size. For example, if you measure 27” you are a 32 band size, 29”you are a 34 band size etc.

This measurement serves as a guideline. The most common mistake made by women is too large a band size and too small a cup size.

The letter in a bra size refers to the fullness of the cup. Because of great variety in breast shape, it is nearly impossible to accurately measure for cup size. We suggest trying on several cup sizes in the proper band size while checking the following criteria:

1. The centerpiece of the bra should be close to the breastbone, if it is pulling away the cup size is too small.

2. The bottom of the bra should fit snugly against the ribcage. If the bra is pulling away from the body, the cup size is too small.

3. The bra underwire should come just to the edge of the breast tissue. If it is too far forward, you need a bigger band size. If it is too far back, you need a smaller band size.

4. The cups should fit smoothly. There should be no extra room and there should be no pushover.

5. Adjust the straps for lift and balance. (Every woman is a little fuller on one side than the other."

This is my statement:

other signs that your size is wrong: if the band is rising up in the back, your band size is too big. try going down a band size and up a cup size (it is still the same volume). if the straps are falling off your shoulders, do the same, it means that they are set too wide, therefore the band must be too big.

common mistakes: when you are looking at whether a bra is the right fit, stand up straight, if you slouch or hunch your shoulders, it causes the top of the cup to pull away from you and makes you think the cup is too big when it may not be. Next, just because the bra causes an indent in your skin on the back or side, doesn't mean that the band is too small. we all have fat and skin, even the people who are 30A's, and when the band is tight enough, it has to have some hold, thereby causing this indent. yes, sometimes it is semi unattractive, but would you rather a small indent or saggy breasts and a hurting back? the band should be tight enough to take most of the weight of your breasts, the straps should not be holding much of the weight, if they are, it can cause back problems.

lastly, don't be scared of trying a larger cup size, please girls. D's aren't that big, especially if you are narrow, a 32D is the same volume as a 34C, a 36B and a 38A, so if you are narrow, you can have less breast tissue and still have a larger cup size! please, please, please, don't freak out if someone hands you a cup size above a D... just try it and see how it looks and feels ignoring the letter.

lastly, if you are near northern virginia, check out Trousseau, they are nice and really know what they are talking about, not to mention they carry lots and lots of sizes!!! from an A up to a JJ and from a 30 up to somewhere around a 48, but there are some 50's in the store, just go check it out. the bras are a great quality and last forever, not the mention that they give complimentary alterations, so if the band stretches out a little on your bra that you bought there, they can tighten it up for you! check 'em out ladies, it's well worth it!!!

Hope that helps.

Sigh. I hate bra shopping. I'm probably not a difficult size, but... I have funnel chest. My ribcage is concave, AND it sorta flares out at the bottom, so that the bottom ribs stick out. When I was a kid, if I wore tight clothes, I looked like I had boobs before I had boobs, just... lower than they're s'posed to be.

Now that I have real boobs, it's not noticeable when I'm dressed, but it's a mixed blessing, because I absolutely cannot find a bra that fits. The parts under the cup that are supposed to lie flat against the chest can't, because my chest isn't flat. And shopgirls keep measuring me in the wrong damn place, when they measure under the boobs.

"No, see, my ribs are kinda diagonal there, so the boobs actually connect about an inch or so back..."


I am so bloody sick of Zellers sports bras I cannot even tell you...

Go you! I would delight at the chance to buy bras at VS - so cute and pretty. But alas, with a 32G (as in GREATBIGMELONS) chest, I am relegated to specialty stores... Where bras make a $100-$300 dent in my paycheque. Le sigh. This is why I only have 3 bras. A curvy girl's gotta pay.

I really have nothing to say on the topic of your breasts (or bra shopping in general. That's a beast I generally avoid if possible), but:

Would you be okay with somebody (*cough*) getting a tattoo inspired by your artwork?

Yeah, absolutely! Happens all the time, feel free!

Thank you! I figured there was a bit of a difference between stealing art for an LJ icon and stealing art for ink injected into the skin, so it was best to ask.

Ursula's hawt now! XD Now it's time for corsets!

It's always time for corsets.

Now if we can only get Ursula in one! :D

*cries* I can't even get the cuter bras from Lane Bryant anymore. I have to order them because I wear a 40H.

Man, where's my divorce related weight loss? I'm miffed, man!
You set me up to believe in weight loss miracles and I'm just stagnating here. *weep* ;)

I've been eating out too much, I think.
Damn friends and their food-therapy. :/

Now I'm back to not eating after 9, only eating when my tummy is growling with hunger (instead of on a whim, mostly), and eating lots of raw stuff. JON is losing weight, dammit!

I want to drop 20 miracle divorce pounds.

That whining over, I'm glad that you're happy! I never though you were fat in any way, shape, or form but it's nice to be feel healthier. :) You're eating regularly, though, right? I'd hate to think of you just not eating and losing a lot of weight in an unhealthy way. ;/


wow... Well, it gives me something to look forward to! :)