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(no subject)

All those handy soaps are not quite available to order, but the charming Ellen Million would like to gauge some interest so she knows how much to order! So if you're interested in any of the Elder Soap, Naked Mole Rat Soap, or Savage Orange, boogie on over to Ellen's poll and let her know!

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Are you still accepting Digger guest art? Because I've got a one page comic in the works.

Absolutely! And thank you so much for the submission already--I'm a smidge behind on my gratitudes...*grin*

Is there a page where one can find description of the soap scent/ingredients?

Seconded, my fiance is allergic to some of the ingredients they put in soap. :x

Do you think they will be available for the holidays?

Elder God Soap! Best idea EVER.

I'm totally all over those Elder Soaps if they go to market.

I am SOOO going to get all 3. Maybe multiple orders so I can give as gifts. ROCK ON!

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