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Random Poetry Moment!

Peace in our time was never one of God's promises ; but back
and forth, live and die, burn and be damned,
The great heart beating, pumping into our arteries His
terrible life.

He is beautiful beyond belief.
And we, God's apes -- or tragic children -- share in the beauty.
We see it above our torment, that's what life's for.
He is no God of love, no justice of a little city like Dante's
Florence, no anthropoid God
Making commandments, : this is the God who does not care
and will never cease.

--Robinson Jeffers, from "The Great Explosion."

(A chunk of a poem from a poet that I had encountered in--of all places, I think a chapter quote from Watership Down or something--and finally found via Metafilter. This bit struck me for some reason.)

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Mm. Robinson Jeffers. I have a copy of Dear Judas, which is very good.

It is a very striking piece. I can't place what it is about it that sucks me in and makes me want to read it again. Perhaps merely an Antheist born from Catholic upbringing. But then, 'A Toccota of Gullupies' struck me with a similar force, and in that God is more accountant than horrible judge.

I see shades of god-heart-below-ground.

That is a very striking piece indeed.

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