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(no subject)

Okay, here's a weird question.

Can anybody in the local Raleigh area suggest any good bars?

I can't stand to be stuck in my apartment in the evenings these days--it feels like the walls are unmaking my brain, and I'm getting majorly twitchy--and all the local coffee shops close well before I'm ready to call it a night. Unfortunately, not being much of a bar hopper, I know few that aren't slammed all the time. I would prefer something reasonably quiet rather than crushed to the gills. I'm not a huge drinker--I have one and switch to coke, usually--but given sketchbooks, I can amuse myself for quite awhile.

And no karaoke.

Anybody got any suggestions?

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The 42nd Street Oyster Bar is fun, has good seafood, and I think they're open pretty late. (I'm not much of a barhopper myself either, so I'm remembering the few places I HAVE been.) There's also Mitch's on Hillsborough, which has good food.

You know Jason, right? Ask Jason.

All the Raleigh pubs I know are from my college days, probably either closed or full of students.

Berkeley Cafe anytime but the weekend, and, um that place near campus and Cameron Village that serves pizza but is really a bar, next to where that resturant whose name I've forgotten used to be, near the belltower.

Crap, my first wife was a bartender in Raleigh, I should be better at this.

Coffee: Helios on Glenwood is open to midnight Wed-Fri. Third Place on Glenwood at Five Points is open to midnight 7 nights a week, but lacks wifi. Helios can get a bit noisy or crowded sometimes.

Bars: The Borough, downtown Raleigh. Fairly quiet, full menu so you can get food without leaving, good alcohol selection, wifi.

Five Star on Hargett Street is generally deserted in the late weeknight evenings (fri & sat tend to be crowded), no wifi, full bar. Good vodka and liquors selection. Also full menu until about 1:40am.

View (the upscale side of Legends) is very nice, no food, no wifi, v. nice bar, open until 2. Music stays on the conversational side of volume level.

(Note: membership needed for View, or guest. Borough & Five Star are restaurants with full bar.)

Groovy! Coffee shops open to midnight, fabulous!

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See, I said you should ask Jason.

Even if he does lock his door at night now.

Come to think of it, my future first wife used to climb in the window or sleep on the porch...

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Not in the area, but I like Bar/Restaurant combinations when I feel a little trapped. They are usually a little quieter than most regular bars, and having something to snack on is a nice bonus.

Depends on how much of a crowd and noise you want, when you get down to it.

Harrison's in Cary is pretty good. Smoky, though.

Is that the one below PG? I recall having a burger there that was tremendous...

If you want bustling drunk grad students there's always Mitch's....

I've moved away so can't remember the name but I seem to remember there being a good salsa place around there somewhere.

Oh, and Chapel Hill....

Oh, and that place with all the beers and plates on the walls....

OOH!! my brother is in Raleigh! He'll even take ya out if I tell him too hehehe
He's actually here in NJ right now - headed home Saturday I think, I'll have him look ya up on here =D

If you can make it to Chapel Hill, there's a place on Franklin Street close to the edge of Carrboro across from the McDonald's called Hookah Bliss http://www.hookahbliss.com. I'm a non-smoker, but I can actually breath in there and the atmosphere and clientele are very interesting. The music is great and it's a great place to linger.

We just went to the Borough (mentioned by Badger) tonight. The food is very tasty and there's good people watching, but they need to get some kind of sound panels because the sound bounces off of everything and it's hard to hear yourself think in there. Before you leave the area you've GOT to see the Ringside in downtown Durham. (As an artist it will give you a lot of great ideas.

Here are some local resource pages if you like gothy stuff:
http://www.ncgoth.com/ (by Badger)

**continues ironing out the wrinkles in Ursula's brain**

Don't worry, in a few days it'll have that great, brand new, never-been-used feeling!

Sorry I couldn't help you with the bars though.

I've never been much on bars for bars sake, but I used to live in Raleigh (in FL now). Tir Na Nog ( http://www.tirnanogirishpub.com/ ) was a cute Irish pub/ restaurant with great character the few times I visited for dinner. Dunno what the late night holds there.

Not quite a bar but...

The Skylight exchange on Rosemary street in Chapel Hill is pretty cool.
Used books and records, a deli and it is generally quiet with A few booths just right for using sketch pads. I'm not sure when they close I seem to remember them staying open fairly late. right around the corner- actually some walking is involved- is the Rat Cellar. it however is down a pretty tight alley that I found uncomfortable in daylight.

I've had the Red Room recommended to me a couple of times - I was actually considering checking it out this evening. It's pricy, by the sound of it, though. I'll let you know how it is if I decide to drop by the place.

Also, if you decide to have a sketchbook bar evening, let me know. I promise not to draw anyone you know. :)

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