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I do this with extreme trepidation, but...damnit...what the hell. There are bad photos of me on the internet already, might as well try to fight the power.

My buddy mckenzee who does Sinister Bedfellows (and you're reading Sinister Bedfellows, right? Of course you are, because it's genius.) very kindly tramped around an outdoor sculpture garden and an arboretum with me, taking random photos. Since he's a much better photographer than I am, a few even came out presentably...and more than a few came out odd. (If only the one with the phallic rock had come out...alas!)

There were at least two spots where mckenzee stopped in his tracks, got the mad light of a photo-comicker in his eyes, and scurried to photograph a scene of random oddity. It was pretty entertaining.

So this is what I look like these days. My rather stark farmer's tan is showing, and...you know, I'm gonna resist the urge to apologize. There may be some others up in time, but these are the two that came out best, probably because of the setting.

Me, with weird vines

Me, at the knees of a very strange piece of outdoor sculpture

(Deleted comment)
I love your tattoo SO MUCH.

This much: |-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

Eleven inches and two and a half hours of pain. I have never regretted it.


You look exactly like my first girlfriend. No kidding! (And she's very cute, so don't worry, that's a compliment)

I think you look lovely. :)

You're pretty. There's not really much else I can say (save that I recognize the mad light and scurrying from experience).

Love the haircolour. I like how the colours are more or less subtle, but it's an unusual enough combination it's really quite eyecatching. Also, I still maintain you have a face very reminicient of women in various sorts of Renaissance paintings, and that this is a good thing.

And the tattoo is made of awesome and win.

Girl, you lost weight! I think we're in the same boat with being wary of how we photograph, but you got nothing to worry about!

(And I already probably said RAD TATTOO at some point in person but I'll say it again.)


Nice! I like the tattoo and the hair especially!

You is pretty and having teh awesome colored hair! And your farmer's tan is better than mine XD

You look familiar ... are you STALKING ME?

I love the new hair - the colour really suits you. Actually, you just look great in general. Good luck in California! If you ever get the urge to drive north to BC, pop in and say hello!

Heather (lover of hat wearing penguins and aka Dr Fishkisser)

What a great friggin' tattoo. And, the farmer's tan is nowhere near 'stark.' I've spent too many days out in the garden with huge fuck-off headphones, and am currently sporting a thick white stripe across the width of my skull. Clever.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
you have a wonderful goofy half smile..... im not sure it translates so great in the photos, but having seen millions of terrible photos of beautiful girls i certainly know that is not the case.... you need the full on 'so-goofy-the-pants-fall-off-doug-adams' look, or the 'so-sexy-and-evilly-sultry-and-mean-i-make-snape-look-pleasant' look. sounds complicated, works in image, trust me!

offer still stands to shoot you when you make it out to california! let a girl make a drastic move more enjoyable... i promise you i am experienced (in moving at least - i come from australia!) and the sense of humor is a close match.....

((why does this sound like a bad e-date? dont worry though cos im married already, hun!)) LOVE ME hahahahahahahaha

Proud of you.

Not an easy thing to do.

You look healthy and you look like you're enjoying the garden.

It's always nicer to see someone in a place they like than made up and faked for a photo. Where there is happy, there is beauty.