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I Can Has Meds!

Anti-anxiety drugs in this case--something called Hydroxyz pam. Apparently you can't call in a controlled substance across state lines, so this and an anti-nausea are the best my doctor could do for me until I get back home. Still, at this point, I will happily take what I can get.

(Why, yes, I will be blogging my psychopharmacological adventures. Did you expect anything less?)

The side-effects of this drug are drowsiness and dizziness, so I can't drive.  I haven't noticed much yet in the way of dizziness, but then, I'm not jogging around the room any, because Carlota's elderly Manx is asleep in my lap.
I don't feel miraculously better, but I'm not seized with an urge to cry, and I'm not yelling at anybody inside my head, so there's a lot to be said for that.

And you can has cat! What more can you want out of life?

Well, people always tell me I'm easy to please, so nevermind...

I hope the pills help-- and that the return to Raleigh helps even more. You've got a lot of people rooting for you!

From previous observation, you might want to add a little note to this post asking people not to share with you their mother's/brother's/own personal horrible traumatic experiences with Hydroxyz pam-- this being the internet, there's gonna be SOMEBODY who was rendered hairless, sterile and hallucinatory by any drug on the market, and those stories are always so vivid.

Of course, horror stories might cheer you up-- or nobody might offer any! But I thought I'd note the possibility.

*laugh!* God, ain't that the truth...?

Ahhhh, lots and lots of drugs, a fine old California tradition! I hope they help you feel even a tensy-wensy bit better, even if that's not saying much.

So.. manx cats. Is it just me, or does anyone else have the urge to tug at the cute little stumpy tail? *blink*

Yeah, I'm allergic to cats, so maybe I'm just being evil. =P

Seriously? I've called in my Lamictal at a CVS in Tennessee, then had the prescription "sent" to a CVS in North Carolina when I went back to school.

The doc should be able to just fax a script to someplace like Walgreens or something even. The docs at the clinic I work at do it all the time. With controlled substances and all.

I think that's one of the antihistamines that's prescribed for anxiety. I'm glad it's helping! And I totally forgot about the controlled substance thing. Duh. I just had to write about that for a different anti-anxiety drug.

yikes! I hope this does wonders for you. From the way you have been blogging about meds, I will assume you have used such drugs before? Hope our side effects are not too horrid, and the results make you able to move forward...

Nope, I've never taken any prescription drugs for my mental health. This'll be an adventure!

I mean, I've smoked weed, but it's not the same thing...

I don't know whether you can call in controlled substances across state lines, but I do know that they can be shipped. My anti-depressants get shipped to me through the U.S. Mail.

Anti-depressants are not controlled substances. That's a term reserved for, substances where there is the concern of dependence and misuse. Among other things, narcotics. More relevant here, however are the benzodiazepines, which is the class many anti-anxiety medications fall into.

First off, I always find it amusing when they paste big warning labels on bottles of tranquilizers saying 'may cause drowsiness'.

Second, if you find yourself in dire straits, find a local doc-in-the-box (have your doc call them if need be), and get them to give you a prescription for something better. Alternately, in a pinch, a couple of Benadryl make a great sleeping pill (same ingredient as OTC sleeping pills, half the price). Just don't pile them on top of what you already have. The anti-nausea ought to make you sleepy, too.

My mother-in-law, when she still lived in her own home, had a range of pills to take every day. She has Parkinson's and her eyesight is failing, and is old enough that keeping track of which pills to take when was a struggle. We numbered each pill bottle's lid with a big black sharpie, then made a list of times and which numbers to take. Xanax was #6, to be taken as needed. Whenever she'd become overly agitated or upset, we'd tell her to take a #6. It's caught on and become something of a family joke whenever someone's freaking out about whatever... "Do you need a #6?"

Alternately, in a pinch, a couple of Benadryl make a great sleeping pill (same ingredient as OTC sleeping pills, half the price).

Same exact stuff, both active ingredient and percentage, usually. If you look on a box of generic antihistamines, it'll say side effects include drowsiness. If you look on a box of generic sleep aids, it'll say side effects include dry mouth. I usually buy whichever is cheaper.

You all are going to hate me, but all I need to hallucinate is a can or so of a diet soda.

... course, it also comes with a major migraine...

Odd question, but do you have aspertame allergies?

It might take a few weeks to actually feel the full effects anyways.
Good luck!

Welcome to the club. (Lexapro for me.) I hope that it helps you get through your stress, and that it can be a temporary thing.

... your icon has hypnotized me. Dammit.

Sharing with those of your friends who have experienced hallucinations on Ambien...it happens. To like 15% of the population and it's fun term (for future court references) is Ambien induced psychosis.

I know this after spending a sleepless night with my husband trying to walk thru windows to get "to the bookstore". After finally getting him to bed, I was rudely awakened as he used my ass as an ATM Machine with his hand...paying for his purchases.

Meds can be fun!