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The Wombat Has Landed


A restless night, a blessedly uneventful flight, and I am back in Raleigh again.

I can't say that I had an urge to break into song as soon as we touched the tarmac, but there was a definite loosening in my chest. I don't know if it felt like coming home exactly--I've moved too much and too often to have an image of home as anything but a vague hazy wall on which to hang my masks--but it felt...good. Less bad. One knot drawn a little less agonizingly tight. There are other knots that are still tight, other wounds that haven't quite bled dry--some self-inflicted, some not, when it comes to love, we're all children with knives--but at least and at last, I'm on familiar ground.

I have a vague urge to go mark my territory at the bottom of an off-ramp, but they'd probably frown on that. This isn't Texas, damnit. Still.

"Good grief," said Deb, dragging my suitcases into the back of her minivan, "you look like a drowned rat."

I can't say she's wrong, but I'm a drowned rat that feels a little better tonight.

(grin) They frown on it in Texas, too. :p

I'm glad things are a little better

And I hope that they keep on getting better and better for you. I'm glad that you're where you feel safer and more at home.

Well, now that you're back, the least I can do is treat you to a cup of coffee sometime. Don't get any thoughts, it will be a cheap cup of coffee. Perhaps not the cheapest offered, but reasonably inexpensive.

For what it may be worth, welcome back.

One of these days, I will pay full price for one of your prints. Not just trade for drawer pulls or get a grab-bag. >.> Maybe next month.

The thing about drowned rats? They got off the sinking ship.

Welcome back home(ish).

"when it comes to love, we're all children with knives"

I want to sew that on a couch cushion.

That would be awesome, especially if it's needlepoint with cutesy hearts or something like that. It would also make a great Valentine's day card...

:/keeping up/lurking:
I'm glad you're back. I feel the same about down here, even though visits to NC are important for me, friends and family and such. You have a good base there. You have some very loving people able to offer you support, as needed. Thank you for keeping us posted with the meds stuff. It can be a trial, and it helps to make a record of the process for your own benefit. It also helps the rest of us who have similar experiences to have someone to relate to. Through meeting other artists who've shared my same struggle at D*C this past weekend, I've gained both a greater appreciation and a better understanding. I hope this return helps. I believe it will. Best wishes and positive energy sent your way, dear!

Welcome home!

We miss you already.

Take a breath, regroup.

Glad to hear you're among friends and on familiar ground. Thank you for posting with such honestly -- and humor. May the graces smile upon you soon.

Glad to hear things are better to some degree..

As for I have a vague urge to go mark my territory ... I suppose planting a phallic shaped rock in your backyard isn't quite going to work....

It worked for the Romans.

Welcome home! Sometimes a step back allows you to see everything more clearly - I hope you continue to feel better!

"...an image of home as anything but a vague hazy wall on which to hang my masks..."

I've been in the phase of deep sympathy for a long time here - I've been too sheltered and too in college to really presume to know where you are firsthand - but this, all by itself, can make me understand at least a tiny part. I think you've restored my motivation and a certain amount of contentment in that one statement, and once again I find myself wanting very much to thank you for the serendipitous consequences of your creations, if perhaps here less formally put forth. I wish I could do the same.

As always, I and a great many others come bearing good will - may your return to the familiar and stay among friends help you to feel stable, and all the best to you. You do a lot of good in the world - I hope it returns threefold. (And I'll keep an eye out for any good Barongs.)