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More Exciting Medicated Moments!

"Whoa! Is THAT what a hot flash feels like?"

...man, menopause is going to suck.

WOO HOO! First message! Anyway, don't know what to tell you about menopause, it's something I won't have to deal with... There are a few guy-related horror stories I could pass along, maybe make you feel better about your own situation.

Man, I've given up on trying to out-horror women. Getting kicked in the crotch is nothing compared to bleeding out of a hole for several days straight.

Getting started a bit early, aren't you? ;-)

Talk to your doctor about black cohosh and soy. Works wonders.

My mum's going through menopause, and she's pretty crabby about the hot flashes - she likes the house to be freezing, and tortures everyone else. Thankfully, apparently my father's very warm-blooded and braves it just fine. Me? I wear a jacket to bed when I'm there. IN FL.

Another aspect of getting old that is no fun - the prep for a colonoscopy. I just had one, and I'm not even 20. It's so fucking crappy (literally).

Oh, christ, the prep for colonoscopies sucks. Getting a camera shoved far, far up your butt? No problem. The laxative regimine, though, agh. %P

Man, I remember when I first got put on the prometrium... I had such bad hot flashes... I was not amused. Yeah, menopause is gonna suck.

My mother developed ovarian cancer and it required a total hysterectomy. While I don't recommend that lifestyle for everyone, it did at least provide her an easy means to avoid the dreaded hot flash.

I get 'em most every month. I have no idea if this bodes well for menopause (used to it, can't be worse than I knew) or horribly (my hormones are just that fucked, so I suffer mildly during my childbearing years in preparation for horrifying conclusion thereunto).

I suppose I'll find out in twenty years, hey?

Trust one who's been there..menopause does suck.
I had hot flashes pretty much constantly for a year..but the worst bit was the freezing from the inside bone chilling cold flashes that followed the burning down the house hot flashes.
My co-workers used to take bets as to how many times I would put my sweater on then take it off in the course of one shift.
It's mostly all behind me now, hurray.

I've gone through a chemical menopause because of a drug treatment, and it was not so bad. I'm not dreading the Real Thing at all. Maybe that's my particular hormonal makeup: my grandmother told me she just noticed one day that she hadn't had her period in a year, and that was it.

The nice thing about hot flashes is that they give you a really sexy flush.

My aunt told me she never noticed she'd gone through menopause until she realized one day that she hadn't had her period for while. I took heart from that and have had very few flashes or anything not like my friends and other relatives.


Hot flashes? Not so bad. The hormone roller coaster from hell? That's what I'm ahatin'.

I used to think that the PMS murder excuse was SO lame.
Huh. Not anymore, I don't. Yeesh. May it never happen to you.

I'm on a medication that's giving me hot flashes.

"They're power surges!" HA HA HA; NO, SERIOUSLY: DIE.

I feel for you.

I bet that was a "Brain Zap"; Effexor is infamous for them. Watch out when (if) you go off it. Has nasty withdrawal and you can have zaps for months.

Effexor zaps feel like your head is a set of speakers and a pulse of static just arced across from left to right (or right to left). Not hot, not painful, just a moment of "whoa, BZZZT" a brief dizziness. At least, mine did; but it was distinctive enough that I instantly went, 'Oh, that must be the 'zaps' people talk about in Effexor withdrawl. Ugh.'

Know what sucks more? Chocolate sets them off. Mom gets a power surge whenever she eats a toffee.

wow, you're getting the whole side-effect smorgasbord. I just had the gradual realization over months that I'd forgotten why anyone might care about this sex thing.

Hope it all clears in a couple of weeks like it's supposed to, and I hope your wonky brain is as sensitive to the happy drugs as the rest of your system.

This too shall pass.

But it'll come back if you miss a dose.