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(no subject)

Not feeling too bad today. Still annoyingly faint, still no sense of hunger, but not quite as badly detached from reality. No serious impact on my mood yet, but since returning to Raleigh, I haven't felt the need to collapse into a weeping heap, so overall, could be a lot worse.

Deb's parents and brother are coming to visit. It is a marker of how great a friend Deb is that she would allow me to stay with her during a stretch when her family is dropping in. It is a marker of the sardonic humor that the gods seem to be displaying lately that Deb's parents are Baptist missionaries.

"Are they gonna try and convert me?" I asked.

"Of course," said Deb, as if surprised I even had to ask.

"Ah."  I considered this. One does not belligerently proclaim one's skepticism in such cases--it'd be desperately rude to one's host to so disrupt the tenuous family harmony. Neither does one mention one's passing fondness for Ganesh to missionaries who worked in Thailand. "Okay, then I'm Catholic."

"You are not."

"I am so. I was baptized, I was just never confirmed."

"Eh, that'll work." (Oddly enough, claiming Catholicism does seem to work for me whenever people get the evangelical gleam. You become No Longer Their Problem. You're still going to hell, but a more respectable one.)

"And thank you for looking less goth than usual today," she added, eyeing me. (Because I am living out of a suitcase, my wardrobe at the moment consists of jeans and unrelieved black. And one brown t-shirt, which I was wearing.) "My mom's already going to say something about the tattoo..."

"Best investment I ever made." I swear, this thing starts more conversations. Not always conversations I wish to have, apparently, but still...

Wish me luck.

exactly! inquiring nosey minds want to know!

Wish me luck.
Okay. Good luck!

At least it's only your friend's family instead of your own. Familial pressure is the worst kind, since they know exactly which buttons to push.

Best of luck with that. :) And glad to hear you feel so much better.

Who knew Catholicism could be used as a defensive strategy?

We used it when I wanted to go to a Jesuit university. Mom is a graduate of one, and so we were instantly more acceptable at the visiting day.

We had door-to-door god-botherers the other day - a rare occurance around here, but the New Wine/Soul Survivor festival thing was on nearby. korenwolf answered the door and said "Sorry, I don't do god at the door." The Sweet Little Old Lady[tm] went away - she possibly also saw my besom (stop sniggering, I said "besom", not "bosom"!) leaning against the wall behind him :)

Good luck and glad you have a way to beat off those religious conversion fanatics without shocking the elders. If this many people are going to hell, I doubt its going to be as bad as those religious fanatics seem to want me to think. Seems all my favorite people are going to join me there.

"Seems all my favorite people are going to join me there."

That particular sentiment, which I share, by the way, seems to have been around at least since the early 13th century, to judge by a famous passage in Aucassin et Nicolette, in which Aucassin makes a fabulous speech about how he wants to go to hell because all the cool people will be there!

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Baptists? Oh, yeah. Good luck. =)

One of my pastors, who looks like a walking billboard for Miami Ink, was speaking at a conference on youth. And right before he got up to speak, someone cornered him and started yelling at him about his tattoos, saying that they were evil and that this guy couldn't believe any church would let him work with kids, etc. And then my pastor had to get up and speak. Oh, the awkward.

Heh... I wonder if that guy knows that "Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard" is in the same chapter as "Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves." (Leviticus 19, if anyone's wondering.) And, as in many cases in the Bible, cultural context matters. *sigh*

I hope you keep feeling better, and god-botherers.

Being a Catholic doesn't work on all of them, as some are fanatical enough that they want to go into a rant about how Catholics aren't Christian, believe it or not. Let's hope that it does work on this lot.

I think it's inexpressibly rude to go into anyone's home on a visit and start to proselytize, but people filled with missionary fervor feel that they're Beyond Manners.

Re: I hope you keep feeling better, and god-botherers.

They have no time for such earthly concerns when the rapture is just around the corner. Time is of the essence, people!

All fun aside, my strategy thus far has been to scare off those who would save my soul by looking completely disinterested (interpreted, apparently, as "murderous" on heathens...)

You're Deb's guest, for her parents to comment on anything about you in a negative light would be pretty rude. Besides...it's not like you and Deb are dating... (No, no, stop that...must NOT suggest tweaking someone's parents like that, even if they ARE rude!), but I bet everything turns out just fine.

Good luck!

My parents are Baptists too. Mom's a Sunday school teacher, Dad's a deacon.

You know, in case you ever come over for a party or anything.

In which case, I'm still a Catholic! *grin*

My ex's sister and BIL were pentecostal missionaries (Baptist-derived, but more hardcore). We used to hide the liquor cabinet when they came for a visit. I remember the day I first met them: I was giving J's sister and her daughter the tour of the house (where J and I lived in sin, but they were apparently willing to overlook that). Without thinking, as I passed through the living room, I said, "And this is a Chinese dragon painting that J's friend gave to us. It's a symbol for good luck."

Without missing a beat, J's sister turned to her daugher and said, "But we don't believe in luck, do we, because we have Our Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior and Guiding Light!"

...to which I said the only polite thing that popped into my head: "And right over here is the kitchen."

I'm so glad to be rid of that family. Last I heard they were missionaries in Goa, where they and their children were nearly killed by anti-Christian rioters. I'm all for freedom of religion, but not the right to keep your child somewhere that endangers his life.

Many Christians don't see Catholics as going right to hell. Some more see them as "focusing on the wrong point" or "misunderstanding some things."

Personally, Catholicism depresses the hell out of me, but hey, to each their own.

(PS: This was supposed to be explaining why it can be a "not my problem" shield. Sortof a "You're in the right direction, more or less... so you may get there on your own! On to the next heathen..." thing.)