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Dream Theatre Re-re-redux

My doctor warned me that Effexor would give me weird and vivid dreams. I patted her hand and said "Believe me, I'll never even notice..."

And indeed, my dreams are always so weird that I can't tell if there's been any influence. Last night I wandered a post-nuclear holocaust set of buildings overrun by jungle and filled with mutant animals. It had a very video-game quality, and by that I mean at one point some idiot wiped our entire party by stumbling into a classroom full of albino kzin-like aliens, and I said "Damnit, the last save point was miles back!" There was much creepy atmospheric gearworldian-settings--I went through dozens of paper-thin lockers, opening each one, finding increasingly strange keys to other lockers, opening those, until the keys didn't resemble keys at all but twisted bits of metal wire, and I would have to sit and puzzle out how to fit each one in the lock. (I don't know how you'd do that bit in a game...it'd make a kick-ass art installation, mind you...)

Finally the cute mutant animals attacked, and I was forced to defend myself with a trenchcoat and a boxcutter. (Understandable, as the boxcutter has become my weapon of choice of late in real life. Alas, my masterwork one got left behind in San Jose, but if I unpack any more, I'll just take the weapons focus feat in it anyway.*) 

In order to get to the post-nuclear holocaust, I had to actually witness the nuclear explosion. I saw the mushroom cloud starting to go up, and somebody with me yelled "RUN!" I turned around to explain the complete impossibility of running from a nuclear explosion, for god's sake, we probably had less than a second before we were reduced to ash and all they'd find would be our shadows permanently seared onto the walls. Which is exactly the sort of the thing I WOULD stop and do under the circumstances, but apparently my brain has seen too many B-movies and allowed us to escape anyway.

I've never believed that if you die in a dream, you die in real life--I've done it a few times, and am still here--and still less would I believe that if you were vaporized in a dream...well, anyway. Still.

*Yes, I am so very, very lame. I know.

Ahahaha, masterwork boxcutter.... <3 <3 <3

A boxcutter suitable for a dwarf burial!

and still less would I believe that if you were vaporized in a dream... If anyone had the mental power to achieve such a thing, I suspect it would be you, so yay for too many B-movies and being able to outrun the mushroom cloud :)

You know, tweaked a little, that might make another really good book... *grins*

Glad you are yourself, Ursula.

*Yes, I am so very, very lame. I know.

Nah. There is always room for tabletop RPG jokes. :)

Heh. I can ship it back with your ink cartridges... should I do that tomorrow or wait until you've settled into your new place?

Also, flying back in October to drive the last car down to Alabama. Might need to bum an airport pickup off of you, too!

AHHH! You have my ink cartridges!?! Yes, by all means!

Also, any mail that's shown up there would be good...you can ship it to Deb...

Beware the Jabberwok, my son.......erm......uh......daughter.

That was a VERY COOL DREAM. <3

if you know that you've got but half a second before your shadow is scorched into the wall behind you... Do an egyptian pose really quick.

...I need to save this idea for an RP! LOL!

You are made of awesome, just so you know. A feat for boxcutting would be great too, may have to sneak it into a dungeon somehow.

hehe I have them type of dreams, but mine are more like a RL Game being played out.. Each area has it traps, and falls.. But I always get Squished in then end.. And I only Remember the End part of the dream.. Never what started the dream Jut a few Min's before I get Squished, Or Run over.. Oh GOd the SubWay Train.. Oh that death took a wile Felt like a Big on a Trains Window Waiting for a Crash..

What I want to know is, was it the same "video game" from the ad in your previous dream? ;-)

You could do the key thing on a Wii. Turn the remote until it was properly oriented and then thrust forward to insert. (Or if they key was really complicated, it would be a strange dance of bizarre remote movements to get it correctly in place) There are a few games that have puzzles like that.

Ursula on Effexor? Scary. Yeah, the stuff didn't do much for me, but I sure as heck had a fascinating run of incredibly detailed and surreal dreams. Sometimes I still do, but apparently they don't hold a candle to your midnight mental meanderings.

Fact is, no antidepressants of any sort ever really worked for me and some had unpleasant side-effects; Effexor was one for nasty backlashes if I skipped regular dosages. Best thing that worked for me was to change my environment; I moved from Georgia to Washington state in 1993 and nothing's been the same since: mostly it's been for the better. But it wasn't easy.

Oh you must have great dreams on drugs. I have those vivid dreams from my meds too, and I know exactly what you mean. Right down to the nuclear holacost and alien invasion -- not necessarily in the same dream tho. I don't get those frightening ones often anymore tho.

I did find I was able to pre-program myself not to have such exhausting dreams, if I remembered to do it just before sleep. My dream scheduler seems to get the message.

I had a friend tell me about how they died in a dream once. It kind of went like this:

"I had a dream where I fell off a balcony and died, and then I wandered around as a ghost. I remember dying, too—it felt weird. It's kind of hard to explain."

"How did it feel?"

"Like hitting something really hard and then being a ghost."

This friend has also had dreams about choosing to support local hitmen over hitman franchises. You should get together sometime. =J