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Dream Theatre Re-re-redux

My doctor warned me that Effexor would give me weird and vivid dreams. I patted her hand and said "Believe me, I'll never even notice..."

And indeed, my dreams are always so weird that I can't tell if there's been any influence. Last night I wandered a post-nuclear holocaust set of buildings overrun by jungle and filled with mutant animals. It had a very video-game quality, and by that I mean at one point some idiot wiped our entire party by stumbling into a classroom full of albino kzin-like aliens, and I said "Damnit, the last save point was miles back!" There was much creepy atmospheric gearworldian-settings--I went through dozens of paper-thin lockers, opening each one, finding increasingly strange keys to other lockers, opening those, until the keys didn't resemble keys at all but twisted bits of metal wire, and I would have to sit and puzzle out how to fit each one in the lock. (I don't know how you'd do that bit in a game...it'd make a kick-ass art installation, mind you...)

Finally the cute mutant animals attacked, and I was forced to defend myself with a trenchcoat and a boxcutter. (Understandable, as the boxcutter has become my weapon of choice of late in real life. Alas, my masterwork one got left behind in San Jose, but if I unpack any more, I'll just take the weapons focus feat in it anyway.*) 

In order to get to the post-nuclear holocaust, I had to actually witness the nuclear explosion. I saw the mushroom cloud starting to go up, and somebody with me yelled "RUN!" I turned around to explain the complete impossibility of running from a nuclear explosion, for god's sake, we probably had less than a second before we were reduced to ash and all they'd find would be our shadows permanently seared onto the walls. Which is exactly the sort of the thing I WOULD stop and do under the circumstances, but apparently my brain has seen too many B-movies and allowed us to escape anyway.

I've never believed that if you die in a dream, you die in real life--I've done it a few times, and am still here--and still less would I believe that if you were vaporized in a dream...well, anyway. Still.

*Yes, I am so very, very lame. I know.

While other people have died in my dreams, I have never actually experienced it for myself. I find that a strange threshold to cross. However, I have had many dreams in which I thought I was playing a video game to find out that its actually happening.
I think it's possible to die in real life if you die in a dream, even if you haven't experienced it yourself. Mental states have such an influence over physical states that I just wouldn't find it all that surprising that it's remotely possible.

Not sure about the trenchcoat, but between a boxcutter, a pair of pliers, and an Exacto knife, you can do almost anything!

And I have this odd scenario in my head of the morning after:

"Cause of death is..."
"Death by Dream."
"Huh... How'd you...? What's that dream?"
"It's the Death Dream."
"What does it do?"
"It does DEATH!"

Yes, HOW could anyone prove it?

I thought dying in your own dreams was impossible?

I am deeply, sincerely fond of boxcutters, in a way people would probably find unsettling if I weren't so sadly harmless. They're shiny! They cut open boxes! They cut open...um...other boxes! They make a lovely faint shnick sound going out of their sheaths, and can be pressed back in on any convenient body part without injury if done properly.

Working in a warehouse may have left scars after all, but only mental ones. Box knives are so darn keen. I used to make little customer voodoo dolls with box knives, bulletin board tacks, and leftover broken-down boxes.

love the original post, love your answer....
Box cutters are very awesome...
They can be used to open DVDs, food containers at a kitchen, slice drywall, cut fabric (that involves REALLY sharp box cutters) and score cardboard to make it easier to sculpt into things.
They are also safe to carry in pockets.

... though I am irrepressible and used a swiss army knife at my warehouse all the time... *heh*

For some reason that key thing and the locks made me think of "Mirror Mask".

Hey, Ursula, thanks for being you. Even with fever and all you still make me giggle and think "Hey, there really are people out there as weird as I am!" And I mean that in the most loving way possible.

I should start cataloguing the weird dream ideas you share with us, especially the video game-esque ones, because I just *know* that sooner or later some friend of the CCH is going to call and be like, "Hey, I hear you're really creative! Got any ideas for a video game!" And you'll mention it on your blog, and I'll come limping up and go, "Here, mithtreth, I'm thure you might find thith utheful."
(I so want to be an Igor.)

Just pray you don't start sleep walking.

I had a far too vivid dream someone was walking around the house and watching me sleep. When I woke up, my bed was covered in clothes pegs.

I was the only one home.

I was on Effexor briefly, and I had several extremely vivid dreams on the mildest dose that I can still remember, over a year later. When I stepped up to the next highest dosage, my blood pressure shot up and I had uncontrollable nosebleeds...like on the first day...so I stopped.

I really miss the dreams, though. They were full of esoteric symbolism and weirdness that stemmed from stuff I'd only noticed in passing while awake. It's odd, all the details that make their way into dreams.

ah... I miss the Effexor dreams. Good times those. Though, I kept finding that I would tell myself during them "this would make an awesome book!" and attempt to remember everything that happened. Which was great for remembering them, but when I woke up, I'd think about it and say to myself "what the hell? that's not even a coherent plot!" everytime... that was always disappointing.

I still have weird dreams, I just don't remember them very often.

When used properly box cutters make the most satisfying "snickt" noise.

Wow. How much is admission to your dreamworld? That would be a pretty kickass vacation. I remember having a dream once where I was a spy in this superfamous rock band that was made entirely of animals and a little boy, who turned into lego people when they were on stage, and following their struggle with fame and drugs and whatall, and at the end I succeeded in my spy mission when I discovered, aha! The calico cat is totally cheating on the dog with the boy. Scandalous. We put the cat in a cat carrier and called it a day. Anyway, if a box cutter isn't an improvised weapon, you probably need to take the exotic weapon feat. Unless it's a favored weapon for your race/class? ....I'm going to stop now. :X

*laughs* Given your love of red vines, I thought I'd share, just in case you hadn't already seen it :

Ah, the video game dreams. I've had one of these last night. I was in the office of some dragon-human hybrid organisation's boss, looting his desk (since they were trying to kill me, I thought I had the right to do so). When I got to his art supplies, I ran out of little boxes in my inventory, which meant that I had to leave those pretty chalks behind. I then took off my backpack, opened it and just crammed everything in there. It worked a lot better than just pointing at stuff, hoping it would be put to the right place.

Man.. I'm gonna sound like a total creep for saying this... and I PROMISE I don't mean this in the way it sounds... I'm a straight (mostly) female. Happily married...


All that boxcutter geek talk?

You have NO idea what a turn on that is XD

THis is a new one on me Boxcutters being a turn on.. Hmmm..

But as a weapon they have one little problem in a fight.. Graps Boxcutter and Snaps Blade with his Thumb.. Now give you a replacement Blade..

Erm... When I came back from out of state to find all of my stuff having been moved to a storage unit, the first two things I grabbed (because of the salt air you see), were my really nice katana, and my bat'leth.

A masterwork boxcutter is hardly something to be ashamed of.