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(no subject)

So last night, I went to a fetish party.

This is not something I normally do, but what the hell. A buddy of mine had offered to act as my mobile shield wall/native guide, and while you can accuse me of many, many things, lack of curiosity is not among them. The reasons I wanted to be an anthropologist were not all related to having seen Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom five hundred times.

And it was interesting. Not terribly well-populated, and admittedly there is only so much amusement I can derive from watching drunken frat boys electrocute various bits of their anatomy, but...interesting.  (Personally, electricity is of no erotic interest to me whatsoever--after that nerve conduction test a few years back, I can't even hear a bug zapper without twitching. Still, whatever floats your goat...) I suspect I am not enough of a voyeur to find such things really interesting, but like anything, it's probably more fun if you know more people.

This morning, I got up, entirely too early given how late I was out, and went to the flea market. Since my Fiestaware was the only survivor of my move, I took it as a sign and picked up an assortment, plus a couple of earthenware bowls that appealled to me.  And a duck decoy. I suspect I should resign myself to collecting duck decoys--I bought one a year or so back on a whim before I realized just how much I liked it, and have been keeping an idle eye out for them ever since. Mind you, this is not particularly a point in my life--living in a friend's house, everything I own in boxes, income severely curtailed--when I need to be buying duck decoys, but I run across them so rarely, and I have learned, like all collectors, to buy it when you see it, damnit.

So now my personal effects in my temporary base of operations consist of one suitcase of clothes, a radio, a stack of used books, a barong sculpture, a laptop and a duck decoy.  Because you gotta have the essentials, right?

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Electrical stuff does nothing for me, either. Ever since I was 12, and took apart a small transistor radio, unwrapped the copper and shorted out the entire upstairs of the house.

Frankly, if you really want to go to a fetish party, at least make it one of the quarterly parties where you can see a variety of BDSM stuffs. Just don't sit down in the sex room and think you'll be getting any peace and quiet.

So... how does one get invited to this kind of party?

My personal experience? It's all in who you know, really. It's not like I've ever hosted anything, but I've attended a few parties here and there, often times just notified by friends that something will be happening on such-and-such date.

Well, there's gonna be a Freaker's Ball tonight, at the Freaker's Hall. And you know that YOU'RE invited, one and all.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside?

I wanted to present her with an introduction, not cause her to completely stop associating with me. :) Any party with a genuine sex room or well-equipped dungeon is... well... *intimidating* the first time, even for someone who's interested in that stuff.

Yeah, you're probably right. Still, it'd make one hell of a fun way to actually meet someone who you know under completely different circumstances.

"And, currently strapped into the St. Andrew's Cross is Ursula Vernon, being hit with a banded leather flogger on her breasts."
"Hi Ursula, I know you on LJ..."
"I'm Altonwings, we've talked intermittently via your journal before..."
"I gotta ask, I always wondered what kind of food you fed Ben..."
"Well, you're busy right now, I'll ask later when you come down."

Yeah--that would definitely be a bit much for someone totally new to the scene. Any scene, really.

you forgot "When can we see the new cover for Nurk? You know, the childrens book you wrote" ;D

Congratulations. You have just tapped into one of my greatest fears, before I even knew it existed.

Could I get that notarized? My wife needs to know that I really have been successful at least once this week.

*grin* Oh, relax--I don't spook THAT easily. Now, if you ever want me to completely stop associating with you, the mention of your embracing intelligent design will be a much quicker and surer method...

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