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(no subject)

A fortune cookie told me, some weeks ago, that luck would come to me at the next full moon.

On the one hand, I am a die-hard skeptic, rational to a fault and positively snide regarding baseless superstition. On the other hand, at that point, I was down, out, in desperate need of luck, and not inclined to look a gift cookie in the mouth.

Well, twenty-odd days later, the full moon came. And I can't say that I, for example, found a winning lottery ticket, but I did finally get the second half of a payment that (thank you, Ganesh) keeps the wolf from the door for another month, which I really needed, because September, owing to my moving and quarterly taxes and whatnot, was ugly on the money front. (Really...really...ugly.)  So that's a huge load off my mind.

Of course, I got it because I called my agent every few days for a week and a half, which may just prove that we make our own luck in this life.

On that note, I may auction off another commission or two this weekend, just because I'm gonna need to reacquire all the essentials that I ditched before my move. (You know. Windex. Garbage can. Shower curtain. Decent computer chair. Etc.)  I'm thinking another Weird Shoe commission, and possibly a smaller watercolor on the theme of "Anything you want, as long as it's a hamster."

Perhaps I'll go birding again this evening, just in case whatever odd and MSG-laden gods enforce the dictates of fortune cookies would like to punt one of the last surviving Bachman's warblers in my direction. (Okay, that's probably asking a lot of a cookie. Still...)

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A Black footed albatross hamster that I could tattoo on my collarbone?

I call my obsessive negative thoughts "hamsters" so a hamster hunting drawing would be awesome.

Of course that means I'd need an EBay account...

When it comes to birding I found myself surrounded by inquisitive pukeko yesterday. It was actually slightly un-nerving...

Would a squirrel be out of your range? It's kinda like a hamster. But with a big fluffy tail...

*grin* I could probably be persuaded. Maybe "Anything you want, so long as it's a rodent..."

Yay! I have a thing about Squirrels. As you've probably figured out.

Hey Ursula. :)

I hope you don't mind...Ben features as a side character in my comic. I thought I'd send this page your way so you could see him in all his Cat glory. He'll be figuring in the next couple comics, then a character will be telling a flashback to him, and then we'll see him again.

I do mention he's your cat :P And sent links for my (whole nine) readers to see your stuffs.


I hope things are looking up for you!

*grin* Awesome! I shall tell him of his newfound fame!

Thorn loads up his LOOONG-range Gatling gun in Nashville, TN and Fires a whole flock of Cedar Waxwings towards Raleigh for Ursula. He then starts dropping Bachman Warbler rounds down his long-range mortar and fires them towards Raleigh. too.

That's worth an image right there. ...gives a whole new meaning to "shooting a bird"

Thorn cuts off another finger and sends it to Ursula too. That way he can give her the finger.

And if it's been then that you saw new birds, that would be remembered as lucky.

Just a question... would it help, or would it cause more stress, to ask when would be a good time to start ordering prints for Christmas gifts? (I have multiple friends who could have been the inspiration for some of your paintings... like the Lurking Sock Puppet. I have weird friends). No hurry, no worries, just thought I'd throw it out there. Cheers.


And, that's why we love you!

"Ursula, you just got some good luck from a fortune cookie! What are you going to do next?"
"I'm going bird watching!"


Just a little suggestion...

I really shouldn't post this publicly, and thus give warning to other prospective bidders, but since it's for a good cause I will. I can assure you that pre-auctioning the next Digger chapter-cover would be profitable.


I can definitely relate.

My wife and the buyer of the Land War in Southeast Asia Trailer Park have come to a verbal contract. All that is left now is to do the paperwork dance and rejoice in all the Good Things that will happen as a result.

I liberally thank Hermes for this. As thank offering, I let slip a "genuine ancient Roman ring" (well, I thought it was when I bought it, lo these many moons ago) out the window as I crossed over the bridge where the speed limit changes from 45 to 55 MPH.

Now, if only my truck would resume running smoothly again. Proabably need to get some injector cleaner gunk...

My last fortune cookie said, "When the time comes, choose the last from the left."

It was the most bizarre fortune I've ever gotten, and the one I am most inspired to keep in mind. Because, y'know, that could actually be useful advice. When the time comes.

yeah, that's bizarre. The one I got that stuck with me said "You have the aptitude to become a fine lawyer." I still can't decide if I was insulted or not. :)

For some reason, "Anything you want, as long as it's a hamster" makes me think of a pet shop where you have nothing but hamsters... hamsters with scuba masks pretending to be goldfishes, hamsters wearing papier-mache turtle shells, hamsters with colorful feathers glued to them, sitting in the parrot cages!

I hate to say this, especially since it's been said so many times before...but that would make an awesome painting (albeit an ambitious one).

p@ (a deep bow with a flourish),

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