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Not So Useless After All

I am vindicated. Absent any available surface, the beak of a duck decoy is highly effective for hanging underwear to dry. (You can actually dry three thongs on a sufficiently large decoy! Woot!) 

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What a fowl idea...

... do they bill you for that service?

Okay I'm done.

Just make sure you wing them out first, so they don't drip.

(I quack me up!)

Now *that's* an interesting mental image. Thanks... I think.

With this premise you could probably get your own home decoration show on basic cable. You could call it "If it's Monday, it must be Wombats."

So, is the thong now the official unit of measurement for duck decoys?

I think you could get an assload of thongs on a large duck decoy.



Ooh, that idea is just ducky.

On laundry day here, everything in my room grows boobs. CD rack, dresser, lamps, clothesline, doorknobs, belt racks, bulletin board, and bedframe (there, daisy-chained) all don bras until I get around to taking them all down again, which can be days, philosophy study groups be damned. Is there a carved wooden animal particularly representative of existentialism? It sounds as if one would be a most productive addition to the clutter.

... I feel strangely compelled to draw that, now.

...and in the morning she awoke surrounded by birdthong. It was better than diphthong, she thought.


*stores pun away for later use*

Uh...can I grab your icon for someone? It's absolutely beautiful. In a wrong sort of way.

So this duck walks up to the counter at a drug store and says "I'd like to buy some condoms, please."

The clerk says "Sure. You want me to put them on your bill?"

The duck, very offended, says "What kind of pervert do you think I am?"

Sounds to me like a still life waiting to happen. "Duck Decoy in Repose with Thongs."

You don't use a dryer for that sorta thing?

Dryers damage the elastic in underwear (bras and panties), it's the heat, I believe. As much as you pay for some of that stuff, it's best to save some wear and tear where you can.

Heh. Learen something new every day.

Huzzah! For truly, having to wear a wet thong would be the worst of mallardies.

Piper decoy?

My uncle liked duck decoys, and he had a few as I recall. Probably all boxed up in the crud I haven't yet sorted.

But the really interesting thing was what I would call a random shorebird decoy. No one in their right mind would hunt the little guys, so I dunno why the decoy. Maybe it was for a birder to attract birds.

If I find the ducks I'll send 'em to you.


I love it, I do. Brilliant!

Just don't try to make it into a lamp. You'll get a huge electric bill...

See, I was just thinking that if it was a Northern Shoveler decoy that you could probably fit at least *6* pairs. (Shows what sort of nerd I am... I guess I'm just more practical than punny.)

YAY! Northern SHoveler for the win! You think ONLY six pairs?

No, no... as I said, at LEAST 6. That would be on a baby one. A full sized adult could probably fit somewhere between 10 and 15. ;)

Off topic but I see Ben and Ganesh have become friends.


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