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Stroke of Luck

My apartment complex called me today to inform me that my apartment would not be available by the date I was supposed to move in, and would this other apartment, same price, be acceptable instead?

I stifled a groan, but agreed to look at it. It was on the ground floor--more convenient for moving, arguably, but a little less secure for a single female living alone. Still, the neighborhood is fine, and while Deb has been an absolute prince, I have no desire to live in her guest bedroom forever. So I hoofed it out over there, and to my great good fortune, the gentleman working on cleaning it was there and had no objections to me poking my head in and looking around.

Heh heh heh.

Apparently this was a wheelchair accessible apartment back in the day. While the towel and closet bars are thus lower than I'd normally use, it ALSO has a double wide kitchen and bathroom--and believe me, in a wee little apartment, that makes a BIG difference. Two people could actually work in the kitchen without having to be Very Very Good Friends, and I can fit some kind of storage unit in the bathroom.

Better yet, while the patio will likely be full shade again (*sigh*)  it will also overlook the woods instead of the parking lot. And that's a much better view, particularly for a birder.

I shall offer gummi coke bottles to Ganesh. Things are looking up.

Marvellous! Serendipity is at work.

Let's hear it for shade-loving plants!

Does it have the gigantic shower with the handles? :D

Might I recommend the investment of a nice sword? =D If you're feeling a little insecure about the ground-floor-ed-ness... I have a nice heavy Starfire blade hung up next to my door - I may not be able to wield it very well, but it makes a nice club and I feel better with it around. =D

-Raeburd, spent too much money at Renn Faire.

I keep a WWII military katana under my bed. It's not very sharp, but it's the only weapon on earth that I actually know how to use...

Great news. I know how you feel about tiny kitchens. Our old place you could turn around 180 degrees to use either the counter or the stove. Finally having a decent sized kitched is awesome.

my only question would be what happens to the rent after the first lease period? Are they offering it at the same rate because the one you were supposed to get was not ready on time, or is it supposed to be the same rate?

You can always tell the people who have been screwed in the past by the intelligent questions they ask in the present.

Sounds excellent, seems you're getting settled in.

Sometimes, in tiny kitchens with two or more people working together, the turkey baster ends up going places it shouldn't.

Wait, where are yo living now? I lost track :/

Back in Raleigh now, staying with her friend Deb, moving out of there into above-mentioned apartment Soon.

Congrats, sounds like a nice place. Though if it's on the ground floor, you might want to look into a de-humidifier. (My apt in a ground floor that's a half-floor so my back wall is up against the open air around the foundations of the next floor.)

And just out of curiosity... do you actually have a statue of Ganesh to offer things up to, or is this in the more hypothetical sense?

I'm glad to see you doing so much better. =)

Note to self......Get Ursula a statue of Ganesh preferably wooden, preferably 40 feet tall.

Congrats on the new and better place! Glad things are looking up :)

So how come it's not a handicapped-accessible room now?

For all that these things are usually built one per apartment building, you don't really get that many handicapped applicants.