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Anything You Want, As Long As It's A Carousel

Having enjoyed the walrus so much, I figured I'd offer a commission in that vein...
Carousel Beastie Commission!

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Oh, cool! If I had the $$, I'd get a bat one. :)

Also, did you get my payment for the wedding gift prints?

Yes! Prints should go out next week!

Awesome! How do the names/dates/signature look?

Oh... If I had money... maybe a frill-necked lizard or an aye-aye or an axolotl!

Good luck and gobs of money to you dear. ♥


why do you do this when i have just dumped all of my money into the mustang!????!!!!

god, you hate me. i know you hate me. :::mutters::: I HAVE NO MONEY! :::runs off screaming into the forest to chew on a redcap:::

...is it bad that I was thinking carousel troll? carousel slug? carousel wombat?

but then digger would hope out of the pages and kill me...

but dude...a carousel hyena would be so worth it.

Well, that auction quickly got too rich for my blood. I would have gone for a carousel penguin, myself.

Oh that I had the money!
Leopard Gecko carousel mount here I'd come...

Ooh, does it come with a little description like the walrus?

Like she could not explain something.


Somebody knows me too well...

if only I had a hat to tip

'tis a pleasure, ma'am.

(Deleted comment)
Guinea pig with vegetable tack. Or possibly cow with cheese tack.

Ah, would that I had the cash for my very own carousel kiwi...

*sniffle* Way too rich for me already. I shall have to remain terminally jealous of odiedragon who owns an Ursula original!

Hey, my ex got the Ursula original we owned. It's even worse than NOT having one...

give him back the dog, maybe he'll trade you for it. Or I can be commissioned for a little nocturnal acquisition...

I can't decide what would be better, a common snapping turtle or a common musk turtle.....

Although lots of ribbons sounds swell. ;)

Awwww... way out of my price range. Can't wait to see what comes of it! :)

Ooooh, I'd want a bearded dragon (I have 3 as pets) or a weasel! Although I'm sorely tempted by the naked mole rat....they're oddly cute, and I can't really define why...

Hmm. Coincidentally, this exhibit was just mentioned in the nytimes:
I'm thinking I'm going to check it out some time before it closes in March, and you're giving me extra reminders :)

Sea slug! Or tardigrade. Tardigrades: tougher than you.

I was thinking a carousel Paramecium.

Wish I had the money for the auction...

My request would not be quite so weird...but special. I'd ask for a carousel greyhound.

Several years ago, we lost our female greyhound to illness. Right after she first got sick, my hubby and I went to Chattanooga, and saw the carousel studio that was there at the time. Briefly, I thought, "I should ask if they'd carve me a greyhound, just in case we lose her," never thinking that we actually would.

Ah well...maybe next auction. And the idea of the Carousel Cthulhu made me giggle. Would he have Elder Signs on his saddle blanket? :D

ooooh, I know! A carousel Capybara! or maybe a Carousel Itzcuintlan Xoloitzcuintlis! (here's a website explaining what they are... http://www.xolos-mexico.com/ )

To join the general list of people lacking the financial abilities to bid (I myself am saving up for something even crazier), I shall add that I was thinking Carousel Hermit Crab. =J

Hi, I am using two icons made from your artwork, and I just want to make sure that that's ok with you. It's this one, and then a goldfish one. Let me know!

Thanks :)

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