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(no subject)

If you only see one were-sheep horror comedy this year, make it "Black Sheep."

That is all.

what if I wanted to see a second one?

You'd have to film it first, I think. Start by kidnapping Tom Cruise to be the sheep's first victim. Of course, you won't have the budget for fake blood...

Wait, they're weresheep? For some reason I thought they were zombie sheep.

I'm quite sorry I couldn't go see that tonight.

But is it better than Curse of the Wererabbit?

NOTHING is better than "Curse of the Wererabbit!" Swine!

Bwaha! Just watched the trailer "The violence of the lambs" huh? I'm really going to have to see that!!!

The sheep jokes on the website will send you screaming from your monitor...

I love the idea of a were-sheep horror comedy.

I really want to see it. I've heard mixed reviews, but dude. Evil sheep.

Please remember to pronounce BOTH syllables in "horror". My icon has received some very peculiar solicitations.

There are MOVIES about were-sheep? D: I thought my LARP made them up!

It gets really boring in New Zealand sometimes....

Well said that lass!

Saw a premier here in NZ and it's a classic ;)

I had heard about it and it sounds great. I saw Pann's Labyrinth on your recommendaTION AND IT WAS great!!!

That just went on my Amazon Wish List.

I've been trying to get ahold of Black Sheep for a bit now.

I grabbed it off of a torrent. I'll be buying it when it shows up, but i wanna see it now, damnit. so, i will. n_n

Oh my, that movie is sheer(sheep) brilliance, I have it on DVD already and I saw it when it premiered here in NZ! It is so baa-aa-ad it's good. The in jokes are hilarious, the were-sheep, a riot! :D