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(no subject)

If you only see one were-sheep horror comedy this year, make it "Black Sheep."

That is all.

Baa ram ewe

Wahoo for Black Sheep!
Wahoo for Ursula being back on the art-wagon!
and WAHOO for fellow Ursula fans from NZ! : D


Re: Baa ram ewe

All of that, seconded!


OMG, I'm so looking forward to see this movie. In DVD, probably, because I'll be lucky if it's released in theater in my small french town.

This movie is on our list!

Weta Workshop are getting back to their roots.

Got Pan's Labyrinth upstairs to watch later. Black sheep....I'll look for it! interesting....

I've wanted to see that for at least a year.

Groan...I have a friend here in NZ who did a bit of work on that (she's an animator/special fx whatnot person)...NZ reviewers trashed it alas.

Still, if we don't have sheep jokes, what do we have? Oh yeah, a dysfunctional rugby team, and lotsa beaches. :0

I really need a LJ, this anonymous crap is so...personality-inhibiting.

Really? That's dissapointing. :/ I don't really have high expectations for it, though-- I tie it in with movies like Slither. If you haven't seen that, you are missing out. ;)

LJ wins at life. You do need one. ^-^

I always wondered if that was actually going to be a movie, or if it was just a video going around the net. I really wanted it to be a real movie. ^_^


And speaking of things seen and loved, I saw Hazmat Modine in concert this weekend and they were fantastic- thanks for introducing me to them! :D

oh my God. I work as a music/movies specialist at Target, and I was putting that out tonight, and I just stared at it for a minute and tried to figure out if it was supposed to be taking itself seriously or not. I was thoroughly amused.

you know what? i was going to see that movie at a film festival in boston this summer. did i? no. do i regret it?

heavens yes :