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(no subject)

Went in to the doctor for my State-of-the-Meds checkup. "Congratulations!" she said. "You're a textbook case of how Effexor is supposed to work. Come back in three or four months and we'll re-evaluate, call if you have any problems, and you're good to go."

I got lucky, obviously--first drug worked like a charm. Thank goodness. My highly efficient nervous breakdown continues to be highly efficient. Yay!

I am having a random urge to paint fowl. I wonder if an "Anything you want as long as it's a bird," auction would sell...

"Anything you want as long as it's a bird,"

Do you really have to ask?
I for one would love to see an Ibis in the style of your Random Hare.

If I had Teh Moneys, I would bid.

Is it bad that I read that as "Teh Monkeys"?

paint guinea pigs...
they never get enough love and I can give ya plenty of inspiration =)

and call Clark...
he thinks I'm lying about giving you his phone number LOL

OH!! and I may be in Raleigh the weekend of the 27th...
Friday night? maybe???
I'd really love to meet you!

guinea fowl are even cooler and their noises more exotic. plus, they eat ticks!

It would. And it would, no doubt, be way too high for me. But I shall watch and wish!

"Anything you want as long as it's a bird,"

I'm sold already. I would LOVE a bird pic by you.

Good news!

My doctor seemed amused by me today, told me my health is fine, I need to work on "preventative maintenance".

What did the birds ever do to you? What good will painting them do?

"The Tawny Frogmouth is the world’s second largest bird after the ostrich."


They have the first paragraph of the cassowary page on the Tawny Frogmouth page. Way to go, Discovery Channel.

I wonder if an "Anything you want as long as it's a bird," auction would sell...

That would be cruel because it would be so popular that there's no way I could come anywhere close to winning that bid!

I think you could pull off an "anything you want as long as it's an (insert ridiculously specific but random silly object here) auction". I mean come on, this is UrsulaV we're talking about. ;)

Are you kidding? Birders are batsh**t.

(And yes, I know, because "I are one."

This is the first thing of yours that's tempted me to spend $$$

(I'm a librarian. Wallspace in my not dedicated to bookshelves is at a severe premium. Serioulsly: Our Spare Oom is wall-to-wall-floor-to-ceiling-shelving. We shove the bed & dresser against the walls when actual factual guest use it, otherwise it interferes w. book access. Hence the stuff on my walls = "artists I frakkin' adore (Mucha! Hyman! var. Pre-raphelites" "artists who are my personal friends" and "artwork my mother-in-law gave me" But Kewl Bird art? Dang. That's tempting...)

Congratulations on your good fortune with the Effexor. It's much like when I started the Lexapro, I hit just the right drug the first time out.

And personally, I'd like to see a yellow-bellied sapsucker. Just because.

yay meds! LoL

If I could afford it, I would commision you to do a portrait of a Senegal parrot, in memory of our dear gal Pippin who passed away this summer.


Oh, damn. Why do you do this now, whilst I am a poor not-even-college student with no money (or monkeys, or goats, or even cowrie shells) to pay for this amazing opportunity.

I have, for so long, wished you would paint something cartoony for the caption "Bit of An Odd Duck" involving a tutu and a scuba mask with the little air tube thingie...