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(no subject)

Vague and restless today. I have the urge to be painting but not to actually start a painting. I know this mood pretty well--anything I start will suck wombats, because I have no idea what I want to do, I have no vision, the Muse is on vacation, I'm just sort've creatively restless. Likewise, I've no desire to work on anything currently in progress, because I'll wind up getting disatisfied and wrecking the thing by attempting to overhaul a mostly-done piece and redo it all in neon pink or something. It's not quite artist's block--it generally only lasts an evening, or at most, two or three days--but it's annoying. Things that I work on in this mood are inevitably frustrating and consigned to the circular file.

Being me, I always try and force something anyway, usually with regrettable results. Case in point, a random digital layout doodle, obviously not going anywhere in particular--some kind of winged cat thingy. This is what I got when I gots nothin'.


Not really worth pursuing, but it did remind me of a sketch I've got laying around with a demonic cat holding a small, damned-soul mouse in a sort've Dante-esque moment. Maybe I oughta dig that out.

Maybe I oughta just play a little more "Ruins of Myth Drannor," watch Invader Zim and wait for inspiration to hit, or for a more productive mood to settle. I love Invader Zim. Have you the brainworms!?


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It's like a bat-eared fox-sphinx. XD Cool! Pretty damn cool for a 'doodle'. ;D Maybe the reason your Muse went on vacation was because she was so traumatised by the "goldfish crackers" vision of earlier. ;D

Might I suggst just grabbing a sheet of paper and a soft pencil and justkeeping the pencil moving while doing something else like listening to music, or watching TV, or talking to you husband?


I tend to get those momments of directionless creativity many times a month. This probably sounds too far off from what everyone suggests, or even, what everyone would believe works- but...

When ever I get pilot-less creativity, I clean.

Rugs, stains, laundry, bathroom, dishes, windows, arangements, furniture repair, you name it. I just find something that needs to be done and while I am doing it, ideas tend to develop as my mind works independantly of my hands. Whether or not you wish to finish your chores after the illustration ideas become concrete is up to you- I usually make that choice based on the quality of the idea.

I should add that it is very important to resist the pull of a "quick" video game in between chores or in place of them.

(Oh, and none of these "don't draw- clean" suggestions reflect negatively in any way to the illustration shown above- I think it is a terrific layout.)

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