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Well, we got back from the dentist. $700 to crown the tooth, and our insurance won't cover any of it, the buggers. Ah, well. It eats our profits from Trinocon, but at least there were profits to eat, and it's not like I'm gonna let James wander around with half a tooth missing. (It IS kinda interesting--there's a giant filling in that tooth, which is still intact, but exposed, so it looks like a molar from that one James Bond villain with the teeth.)

In the interests of paying for this, and in the spirit of experimentation, I'm putting up a very weird little auction--I have no idea if anyone will be interested, but what the heck. It's a frog auction of all things. It'll actually end with a real original, and since my frog painting at Trinoc went for nearly $200, I am flush with success and thinking "Hey, maybe someone would actually pay for a custom frog!" I halfway doubt there will be any nibbles, but nothing ventured, etc, and at least it'd be fun. Unless someone wants graphic frog sex or something. Hmm, maybe I better go edit that...
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