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(no subject)

Amazon rank #689.

I have mentioned that I love you guys, right?

Congrats =) Let's see if it'll go above 500!

we luffs you too ^_^

Your agent is going to wonder if she can harness the power of Ursulablog for evil purposes, if this keeps up.

Well, more than it's already harnessed, that is.

We love you too! *goes off to make her pre-order*

I love your icon. Chicago TARDIS!

I preordered. :)

Even easier link:
(The bit between "amazon.com" and "dp" is just search engine optimization stuff; the bit after the "dp" is the item's ID code; everything else is just random junk)

*cheers* This is really fun to watch.

... though checking this has already gotten addictive for you hasn't it? Guess you'll just have to wait for the same to happen for your later books to get used to it won't you? ;D

Well, she does have stalkerish helpful people reminding her constantly, too!

666 + 23? Never one to do things by half, are you? ;)

You're going to have to start writing exponentially more compelling blog entries now. :D

"Ursula Vernon will bite the head off this live state legislator unless her book goes to number one!"

Depending on the legislator, that might not be an incentive to buy...

Mental note: if I ever get a book published, try to get it reviewed (favorably...) by Ursula Vernon. Here. >_>

And, well, adding to the general cheers. O:>

Awesome! Congratulations! :D

Let us know when it gets reviewed somewhere so I can start hassling my library to order it. *grin*

(Deleted comment)
636. GO YOU! :D You deserve all the attention and sales ya get. :3

(Deleted comment)
What age are you buying for? I was thinking about it as a present for some kids I'm close to, also, but don't know what group it would work best for--is 5 too young, do you think?

Hey, does your publisher participate in LibraryThing's Early Review program?