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(no subject)

Amazon rank # 508.  That places it above three Harry Potter books, and directly below a Stephen King book.

On the other hand, those books will STAY there, and this is a brief spike and anyway nobody's quite sure how Amazon sales ranks translate to real sales and all, but...well...

If anyone needs me, I'll be hyperventilating in the corner.

Yeah, well MY book is at rank #990,980</b>! Look out! :)

I have a box set of that!

You are taking screenshots for posterity, right?

*grumble* it's not available on amazon.co.uk *pout* will keep checking.

Come on, US$ is shot like never before (dubbya's ruling/smart economic policies coming back to home to roost), at current exchange rate its a bargain on amazon.com

Proof positive that people want to be part of something bigger than they are. I hope you can enjoy it, at least. :)

> and this is a brief spike

If the book's good, the brief spike may be replaced with a long, pointy pike. :D

Hands you a paper bag to breathe in. Congratulations, Ursula. You deserve every bit of sales that you're receiving.

(Deleted comment)
Is that better or worse than a leg-over?

Don't know how accurate this is, but: Amazon sales rank vs. estimated copies sold. Of course, you need to average it over time to get a decent ballpark figure.

I suspect NY mob involvement.

I bet your agent is counting herself really lucky she's found a writer who came with a fanbase already. XD

can i make you hyperventilate more? when i do a search on your name, digger comes up but the new one doesn't. and if i click on your name for more info, it doesn't come back with any results. amazon needs to fix that. so... basically... people have to drive themselves to that link :::grins:::

my work here is done.

It didn't last night even on Amazon but just now it did - finally! Boy, Amazon is lagging!
However, Google only gives us the Elfwood print of Nurk. That is still a problem.

I currently have it on my wishlist; does that help you out?
I hope so! I desperately want several of your things, and have them all wishlisted. I'm hoping to get them as wedding gifts. :)

I don't see any other things on Amazon that are Ursula's. What else is there? I did a search and only Nurk comes up, and last night he didn't even show.

Never underestimate the powah of an army of fans... Aren't you also one of the top 100 most popular people on LJ too?