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(no subject)

Amazon rank # 508.  That places it above three Harry Potter books, and directly below a Stephen King book.

On the other hand, those books will STAY there, and this is a brief spike and anyway nobody's quite sure how Amazon sales ranks translate to real sales and all, but...well...

If anyone needs me, I'll be hyperventilating in the corner.

I'll pre-order at least one copy (I'll probably get two, with the potential for more) when my address stabilizes. If the local libraries don't pick it up, I may donate some in a loved one's name. He missed the announcement by just a few days.

But even so! Definitely hyperventilate-worthy!

Sadly, down to #613 at the moment, but at least it gave me the opportunity to view this:

I think whoever among your readers is responsible for this should fess up right here in your LJ!

Ha! I'd forgotten about that post. I guess fenris_lorsrai is ultimately responsible. I'm rather impressed that the number of people who followed that link and also ordered "Nurk" was high enough to propel this association to the top of the list.

So, of all the people who pre-ordered "Nurk", the thing they share in common the most is an interest in microwavable bacon. Now there's food for thought...

About what age would you say Nurk is appropriate for? I have a lot of nieces and nephews, and I was thinking it might make a good Christmas gift for a couple of 'em.

:D Maybe it'll stay there. I've recommended it to a few friends!

I'm completely torn! I want to order it right now, but on the other hand, I work in a bookstore, so I'd love to be able to buy it in my own store when it hits the shelves. Plus, I know how these things work...the more copies we sell in the store, the more that they'll order next time (and the more that they'll order of an author's second book).

Decisions, decisions! Just know that you've got another unregistered sale over here waiting for the release.

Good for you! That's awesome.

Well, this is pretty random, but I thought I'd share this: http://renegadeoftrance.deviantart.com/art/LOL-WUT-67236670

*slinks away*

Please tell me you get a signifigant portion of the sales money. (I'm picturing a greedy publisher keeping 99% or something. :p)

Is it going to be available on Sofawolf when it comes out? I'd like to boost the Amazon sales rank, but I <3 Sofawolf and would rather buy from there if it's possible.

No, this one was published by Harcourt Brace, rather than Sofawolf, so it'll be in store/Amazon/etc.

Do you get comment notification? Given the size of your blog, that's a bit mind boggling. o_O