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(no subject)

Amazon rank # 508.  That places it above three Harry Potter books, and directly below a Stephen King book.

On the other hand, those books will STAY there, and this is a brief spike and anyway nobody's quite sure how Amazon sales ranks translate to real sales and all, but...well...

If anyone needs me, I'll be hyperventilating in the corner.

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I currently have it on my wishlist; does that help you out?
I hope so! I desperately want several of your things, and have them all wishlisted. I'm hoping to get them as wedding gifts. :)

I don't see any other things on Amazon that are Ursula's. What else is there? I did a search and only Nurk comes up, and last night he didn't even show.

There are a few calenders, and Digger vol. 1, and a collection of sketches, I think. *wants them all*

Well doing an Amazon search under Ursula Vernon did not show them to me, and I want them! All! ROFL!

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