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(no subject)

Ahh. Amazon rank high. Apartment mostly set up and feels like home. Makin' art again. Lookin' good. Feelin'...y'know, pretty good. Meds have got me nicely mellowed. I hardly ever need the anti-anxiety, except during PMS. (Sure, I sleep ten or eleven hours a day when I can, but my waking hours are productive as hell, so I'll take the trade-off.) Social life at acceptable levels to keep from going into art-hermitude. Several video games in the queue. Career opportunities on horizon.

Still not getting laid. The chemical castration effects of Effexor unfortunately seem to have gone the way of the hunger-suppression...i.e. still present, but not nearly as noticeable as they were at first.


Oh, well. Can't have everything. Life is otherwise good. Some day I'll look back on this and snicker.

So last night I was waiting for paint to dry, and decided to take a nice hot bath with a good book.

And that was fine, except the book kinda sucked, and I realized I had no interest in it whatsoever, but I wasn't about to give up a perfectly good bath five minutes in.

So, desperate for some way to amuse myself, I shaved a part of my anatomy that doesn't usually get shaved.

Look, I was REALLY bored. Flicking water at the cat was only fun for the first minute and a half, and then he left the room. The bottle of shaving gel was RIGHT THERE. The book had devolved into someone whining about their suburban garden as metaphor for their broken marriage, and I wasn't in the mood. And it's not like you've never wondered. And nobody's gonna be in a position to observe the effects any time soon, at the rate things are going (see above complaint) so I can do whatever stupid-ass thing I want to my anatomy, goddamnit.

Besides. It was for science!

Science therefore wishes to make the following observations.

1. Apparently the razor burn that one gets on the hinge of the thigh is significantly worse than what you get from shaving the pubic region. That makes sense, now that I think about it, I just never gave it any thought. That's sort of a relief. Not an area you want to look like you've come down with chicken pox.

2. Aesthetically, I still don't get it. I mean, sure, it's amusing as a novelty, and of course one would wish things well groomed if one's gonna spend a lot of time down there, but I don't really see the appeal. Mind you, I wasn't going to wield the razor anywhere really delicate, so I left the proverbial landing strip. Possibly when one is completely denuded there's a sudden aesthetic critical mass, but I have my doubts.

Maybe it's a guy thing.

3. Goddamn, those hairs grow back fast. Christ on a pogo stick. What a place to have five 'o clock shadow! Obviously waxing is the only way to go--gotta beat those follicles into submission first, then presumably one can fight a holding action with a razor. I am suddenly a lot more sympathetic to male shaving woes. Sensitive skin + wiry hair must = suck.

4. This itches way worse than my legs, and is much less socially acceptable to scratch in public.

5. Next time, bring a back-up book.

Tune in next week for another episode of "Ursula Does Something Weird Out Of Her Deranged Sense Of Curiosity!" (Mind you, I'm runnin' out of things to try without getting into piercings, and the upper-ear piercing that went bad broke me of any interest in that. Hmm. Maybe I should take up experimental cooking. Of course with me, any cooking is experimental...)

re #4: Just like the first time you shave your pits, you get used to it very fast, until it doesn't itch at all.

Oh, thank god. That's good to know.

As a woman who's wondered, I commend you for taking one for science!

Mind you, I'm runnin' out of things to try without getting into piercings...

Ha. Like your Deranged Sense Of Curiosity won't gang up with your Creative Imagination to come up with entirely new Weird Somethings to try. I'm not even sure they need the Boredom as an instigator, though it certainly seems to egg them on. ;)

Lmao, I love your posts. I haven't shaved anything new lately, but I did pierce my lip out of boredom and a desire to Try Something New. It seems like emo will make ya do stuff like that. >_>

I suggest pinhole photography.
...no, seriously. It's fun and people think your cereal-box-become-camera is a bomb. True story.

What's bad is that after a year or two, you forget about the parts that suck, and blammo, you try again.

btw, when BOTH partners have 5 o'clock shadows, and they get to grinding together, it feels about as nice as wiping up after too much Raisin Bran with 60-grit.

I crossed my legs just reading that. O,o

(Deleted comment)
Ugh. I did that twice. Because I am stupid and forgot the lessons of the first time. Never ever again, I tell you.

I don't get it, either. But, I prefer a woman with unshaved pits, so what do I know? :-D

Icon love. Also, glad to know I'm not the only one.

Edited at 2007-11-08 01:23 pm (UTC)

It's a real turn-on for some guys.

And, also, it's actually kind of nice when the monthly period sets in. Keeping things short means a lot less messiness.

I keep mine short for the same reason... mostly because my perineum gets WAY too shaggy for the running and playing I do, but it also means no stray pubic hairs on the toilet, etc.

It also gives a more 'executive' look.

The itching doesn't reoccur after you've done it a couple times, in my experience.

My scientific research went much further and I got the area lasered. Fascinating stuff. Not as permanent as they'll have you believe.

I agree with the commenter who mentioned it's more hygienic around That Time Of The Month, and personally I think it looks prettier, but I'm hanging out for the day when they invent a method that fulfils both my main requirements: no stubble, no pain.

I'm kind of disappointed to hear that lasering isn't quite permanent, since ohgodtheitching! OTOH, it's not likely to be something I'd get done, since the current (and looking to be around for quite some time) boy prefers things to be slightly longer than completely denuded. I think he's weirded out by the pre-pubescent look.

There are times I've seriously considered trying an electric hair trimmer.

You're gonna probably itch more before it's over. Key: moisturize a LOT. Exfoliate a LOT. The main itchyness will be from dry skin, and new hair really really wanting to come out. You can get product for ingrown hair from salons/spas but the exfoliating should take care of most of it.

I don't get the appeal either, and I work in a spa. The little birdy estheticians are always trying to cover me in hot wax for my own benefit. Sadists.

Waxing helps slow down the growth and etc etc. Also, use some moisturizer, or something, it'll help that stuff out, haha.

Cheap, unscented deodorant does absolutely amazing things to get rid of razor burn. Plus, like someone above said, it's only really bad the first time.