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(no subject)

You wanted seed packets...

Seeds of Madness

The Red Wombat Tea Company seems to do a lot more than tea...

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I just wanted to say that the fact that there exists a font called Oh Crap is probably the best thing I've found out all day. Which probably says a lot about my life, but...

Oh, not necessarily! It's probably the best thing I've found out all day, too, and today I found a wonderful sage green fedora. The existance of that font is just that awesome.

I got the soaps a little while back, the Savage Orange smells so good I think I'll make it a regular treat for myself. :) I'm ordering another set as a Christmas gift for my sister, I know she'll love them too!

*cough* *cough* misspelling

I hate to release my inner Spelling Nazi, and normally I wouldn't...but it's "delirium", not "delerium", and I thought you might want to fix that before you sold any prints. :)

I like the image, anyway.

Re: *cough* *cough* misspelling

Oh, crap! Thank you!

Re: *cough* *cough* misspelling

Let's hear it for digital art. :)

YAY! The seeds of madness have produced fruit!

I was trying to think of other alliterations, such as Crazy Crocuses, and recalled an entry where you described yourself going to the gardening store and getting overexcited, having a "plantgasm"...

Re: Along this theme...

disturbed datura?
maniacal monkshood?
bi-polar poppies?
hysterical heliotropes?

note: most of these plants are actually poisonous and/or hallucinogenic

Re: Along this theme...

Belladonna, Moonflowers (not the vine sort), Nightshade... I know there's more, my brain is failing me today.

Re: Along this theme...

Emilie Autumn?

Re: Along this theme...

Indeed, you have the right of it!

That's wonderful! Also reminds me of the 'screaming seeds' company in Australia :)

The colourscheme reminds me that aubergines were once thought to bring on insanity.

One of these days, you have to set up the Red Wombat Tea Co. for real. You would take on the world by arty storm.

From now on, to me, you are Crazy Aunt Ursula. :) (You know, the kind of aunt you want to have come visit at holidays or whenever just because you know you're going to be cracking up the whole time.)

I love it!! I'm a gardener, and have thought more than once that we gardeners must be a little crazy. In fact I've thought about putting a sign up on my property that says "Beware of Gardener". :P

I have to ask though, just out of sheer curiosity--what's up with the elephant? Is it just a piece of inspired whimsy? Or does it have some special significance?

*grin* Pink elephants are one of the cliche hallucinations associated with the DTs, or Delirium tremens.

And it call comes from the seeds of genius. What would a genius plant look like?

Takes another gardener to understand our madness..this is so wonderful! Love it.
I occasionally get that same expression on my face when entering a nursery.

Viva Pinata now available on PC :D

Just thought you might like to know, Viva Pinata is now available on PC :DD

If you are interested in *acquiring* one (without shelling out 50$) I can tell you where to look ;)

Unless you already did so :P

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