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(no subject)

I dreamed last night that I rescued the Pope from drowning.

He wasn't grateful.

Disgusted, I retired to my apartment and smoked a bowl with one of Gandhi's acolytes. Then his mother called and he had to act sober to talk to her. Apparently enlightenment does not spare one certain indignities.

I woke up to discover that my relentlessly cheerful brain was making up new lyrics to "That's Amore," of which the only one I remember (because I was singing it when I woke up) was "When your heart turns to ice, just like frozen fried rice, that's amoreaaaaaaaaaaaayyy..."

And now, to work! Or at least errands, and then work!

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... I love your brain, Ursula. :D Now I'm going to think of your new lyrics whenever I hear that song.

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I have a feeling you would enjoy Craig Swanson's drawings if you haven't seen them already.

(icon love! that's a wonderfl album...)

I'll refrain from posting these individually...but if you're in the market for more "That's Amore" parodies, this collection (appearing in a book by Spider Robinson, originally (?) by John Varley) is a hoot:


Spider Robinson did a set of books (some collected short stories, some not) that are known as "Callahan's Crosstime Saloon Series." A wonderful read, if you haven't, btw. Anyways, in one of the short stories, some of the main characters are tossing out new lyrics to "That's Amore." A fair warning, the books are full of puns.. :)

I just wish I could remember which specific short story that was..

The Callahan Touch

When you swim in the sea
And an eel bites your knee
That's a moray"

A New Zealander man
With a permanent tan
That's a Māori

I always liked singing "When an ell jumps up high and bites you in the eye, that's a Moray!"

Ursula, ye have, quiet possibly, the most interesting dreams I've ever had the pleasure to hear about.

You have no idea how happy I am to know that someone else wakes up to discover that her brain has been rewriting songs. It's often halfway through, completely nonsensical, and freaky. What was that? My brain? Did I forget to turn that off again before I went to bed? It must have been RUNNING ALL NIGHT. Damn.

of course the Pope wouldn't be grateful - if he dies, it's straight to his heavenly reward.

That shape down by the keel
is a really big eel:
It's a Moray!

then it bites off your balls,
with pharyngeal jaws,
dat's a Moray!

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