UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Three Small Annoyances and Two Small Joys

Annoyance #1 -- discovering a dead cockroach-like-beastie in the bathroom. (North Carolina is home to a number of things that look like cockroaches, and some--the wood cockroach in particular--doesn't want to be in the house and is alarmed to find itself there. I have no idea what this was, beyond dead.)

Annoyance #2 -- the kitchen faucet looks like it's starting to leak again. Maintenance has been out to fix it three times, and every time, within a few days, it starts up again. C'mon, people, there's a drought on! I shall watch it like a hawk.

Annoyance #3 -- Last night, just as I was finishing off "God of War" and in the climatic final battle scene, Ben decided he wasn't getting enough love and climbed up me. "Arrgh!" I said, trying to see over him, controller waving wildly. He took this as a sign that I wanted a hug, and climbed up my shoulder, purring madly. Along the way, one foot went down my cleavage, sought traction, and left me with a long scratch hugging the topography of the left breast. "Arrrrrgh!" I said again. I look as if I narrowly avoided a mastectomy by a particularly inept surgeon, but on the bright side, I did kick Ares' ass.

and to balance those out:

Small Joy #1 -- Arrived at postal place ten minutes after they closed, ran into the owner leaving, who opened the shop back up for me and took my mail. *sniffle* I feel da love!

Small Joy #2 -- The only effective odor neutralizer for cat boxes that I've ever found is nowhere to be found in Raleigh. But they can be ordered on Amazon! O frabjous day! I'd buy a case if I had anywhere to put it.

Okay, okay, by popular demand, it's the Air Sponge.   Be warned, it's NOT odorless--it has a peculiar industrial cleaning smell, which some people may find offputting--but it beats the hell outta cat box smell. I mean, I scoop the litterbox multiple times a day, and still...
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