UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Slice of Life -- Maternal Division

Longsuffering Maternal Unit: "I loved the rooster! I'm just amazed at how productive you've been lately..."

Ursula: "That's because I'm not getting laid!"

LMU: "..."

Ursula: "I figured out how all those monks did those amazing illuminated manuscripts. It was the celibacy."

LMU: "...well, yeah, that'll do it..."

About the only thing we can determine from this is that I have a really weird* relationship with my mother.

Also, I have realized something about Rule of Rose. I am no longer playing because I want the character to win. I don't. I now firmly believe that every demented misogynistic freaky thing that happens to her is well and truly deserved for being So. Varking. Useless.

Nope, at this point I'm playing to save the dog. The dog deserves better. If they pull one of those tragic canine-companion-nobly-sacrifices-himself-at-the-end I'm gonna put the controller through the wall.

*Great, mind you. Fantastic. Wonderful. If I could avoid frothing and spitting when she mentions homeopathic remedies, it'd be pretty well perfect. But weird, yes.
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