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(no subject)

Went in today to get my hair color touched up--the dark reds are not color-fast worth a damn, if they were paints I'd refuse to use them owing to lightfastness issues. Plus stuff was getting shaggy and needed a trim, and other areas....err....well, bugger shaving for a lark, anyway.

Owing to the season, my stylist/fashion overlord has taken to playing Christmas carols in the background.

While I approve of Christmas carols in their place, I must say that when you are in the act of having your pubic hair removed with hot wax, you don't necessarily want "O Come All Ye Faithful" playing in the background.

I'm just sayin'.

We'll see whether I am sufficiently amused by the novelty to risk the wrath of the House of Wax again...

I'll take that as a 'yes'...

I've never really been a fan of background-music carols. They're the bane of Christmas shopping for me. The festive lights are the upside.

"O Come All Ye Faithful" would be better than "The Christmas Song" (Nat "King" Cole's immortal classic, that is), I think. But that may be because of my Y chromasome and a slightly territorial attitude towards the pubic region.

"ChestNUUUUTS roasting on an open fiiiiire..."

Sorry...couldn't resist.

*ducks and runs*

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(Deleted comment)

Re: Joyful and Tri-Um-Phant.

Why does this not surprise me...?

You need the "very scary solstice" CDs with Cthulhu christmas carols.
I could get them to you if you'd like.

You know, some people probably pay extra for that.

I can't stand the constant barrage of holiday music when i venture forth, but i can't help but think that it'd be better if they just chose the right songs... or let us come up with our own words...
all together, kids!

o/~ Hark! the hairless artist screams! Glory to those soothing creams! o/~

... i could go on, but i really shouldn't.

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(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
*shrieks. with. laughter.*

... I like the way you think. :D

OMG!!11!! Can't breathe......too much humor.

Christmas music is the very BEST music in the world to me. And I have studied and played music for over 50 years.

Might I ask why x-mas music is supposedly the best music? O_o

Also, goddamn that's a cute bunny!

I feel your pain about reds fading in hair color. I have found a single dye that stays red until my roots are long enough to dye again: Hydrience (Clairol) Intense Dark Red. My hair loves the Hydrience conditioner too.


...this might have been the funniest entry you have ever written ever.


(And now I'm humming "Go felch, ye hairy gentlemen...")