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How very odd. Last night I had a dream where I accidentally ate deadly nightshade. It was incredibly bitter. This is the first time I can recall actually tasting something in a dream so intensely--I was gagging and spitting, it was really vile. Then I started to hallucinate like crazy. In the dream. (No pink elephants, alas, just a bad dizziness and strobe-light effect...)

The fact that the school nurse thought that the treatment for atropine poisoning was an injection of ketamine directly into the nose  (the nose!? Why the nose!?) probably didn't help that bit.

The really odd thing about this was that for the rest of the night, whenever the dream would get disjointed (as is the nature of dreams) I'd think "Crap! It's the nightshade--I'm having blackouts! I need to get to a hospital!" Which is the first time I can remember my brain really tracking the non-sequential dream sequences and providing a clear, if alarming explanation.

Very weird. Also there was a long bit where I was working in a silkscreen shop, which just makes me think that crap, I really wanna take up silk screening.

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(Deleted comment)
Seconded! And you can always play with the low-tech version if you just want to try it out...

Oooh, that looks like fun. I like silk screening but I don't have the space for a real set up right now. This might be a good stop gap measure.

Thanks for sharing that.

It's called lucid dreaming. I do it all the time. The other night I dreamed I was captured by slavers, and as they were putting the shackles on me I said, "To Hell with you!!!", and said to myself , "Time to wake up!" I woke up sat on the side of the bed until I was fully awake and thought, "Let them try to get me now!", instead of, "Whew! It was only a dream!" I still believe they are looking for me and are wondering what happened. I use Marijuana all the time in my dreams and feel just like I had actually smoked some. Although I knit, crochet, flintknap, and bead all the time, I never dream about doing it. I guess the next craft I dream about I will have to take up.

Lucid dreamers are awesome. I do it too, though it's never "I wake myself up" it's "Fuck this, it's MY dream I can do whatever the fuck I want!"... and then usually take on godlike powers and destroy whatever was in the nightmare. (I once turned into the Archangel Michael to fight off the Joker.)

Nah, it wasn't actually a lucid dream--I've had those, but I had no idea I was dreaming this time, and I couldn't control it. It was more of an internal explanation.

I hope you find this amusing and not creepily stalkerish, but you appeared in a dream of mine a couple of nights ago as the inhabitant of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater, next to which I had crash-landed a plane. (I knew it was your place as soon as I saw the stacks of clayboard propped against the walls . . .) I needed a place to sleep, so you offered me your bathtub, which was bright yellow and the size of a canoe. Of course I accepted, but couldn't sleep because you were entertaining some historical figures for a cocktail party, notably Charlie Chaplin. I ended up leaving early when my car showed up like a lost puppy and finished the dream driving away into the sunset.

It was actually an incredibly interesting dream completely apart from the subject matter; the colours were the brightest I've ever seen in a dream. They were hyper-saturated and vibrant, not in a way that hurt the eyes, but as if they represented a richness of being that ordinary waking-life objects don't have.

The only time I had a dream with really intense sensations was the time I dreamed I had a migraine...

On the upside, I got to sleep through the worst of it.

(Deleted comment)
*puff of butterfly-shaped smoke flies by*

Bizarre dream! I don't think that I've ever TASTED anything in my dreams. Other senses, yes, but not taste. Nor smell now that I think about it. How odd.

And just as a point of reference, intranasal ketamine (as a nasal spray, not an injection) is used for pain relief. Fun information brought to you by working in clinical trials. :-)

I accidentally ate deadly nightshade.

Random trivia: Belladonna makes a fantastic deep purple jam - although I'm unsure whether this was the standard type, or a SA mutant that isn't poisonous...

[It's really tasty! Bit hard to come by, though.]

I had a series of dreams spanning a couple months that successively tried to convince me I was returning to college. (A few months after I had to drop out.) In each dream I would notice something was wonky... like the fact that the college was now in the middle of the Alps, or that I couldn't remember the actual trip back to campus. The moment I would question it, the dream would end, and the next time that exact issue would be resolved in detail.

Actually...the treatment for atropine poisoning is, IIRC, certain nerve gasses (the same kind that you would normally treat exposure to them with atropine. ;))

Please pardon this comment from an outside visitor: Isn't what you are telling us about your dream also about scents and odors? The bitter taste would also involve the 'smell' of nightshade; the 'injection' in the nose; and the smell of ink and cleaning solvents in the printing area of a silkscreen shop?

Is there something in your sleep environment that needs checking?

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