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Good & Bad

Went out to get in the car and discovered that one of my front tires is flatter than a roadkilled fritter.

Well, bugger. Called Triple A, resigned myself to a wasted afternoon at the tire shop.

As I was going through the spiel on the phone, I glanced out the window, and saw--the birds have arrived. ALL of them.

Goldfinches, sparrows, a white-breasted nuthatch, a pine warbler--all mixed in with the juncos and titmice and chickadees.

Into every life, a little rain must fall...

Update: Well, hot damn! Apparently, with unexpected presence of mind, I sprang for the extended road hazard warranty a year ago when I got the tires replaced, which means that since the tire was unpatchable (they aren't sure what I ran over, but it left a very impressive hole.) I got a free replacement. Add to the free AAA tow, and the whole jaunt cost me zilch. Sure, the two hours wasted was annoying, but it could have taken a lot longer and I was steeling for quite a bill.

I love it when I did something in the past that makes life easier in the present, which I don't remember doing. It's like an unexpected breath of competence.

Also, the mergansers were back on the pond this morning, along with a blue heron. So that was really cool.

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Perhaps Ganesh caused the flat tire to force you to stay home to witness the arrival of the birds. I have never had a Nuthatch or Pine Warbler but JUST put out 2 NEW Suet Feedar with suet about 20 minutes ago, so We'll see.

Ah! I hear ya. Today I had a downy woodpecker and a red-bellied woodpecker patronize the tree I have smeared with peanutbutter and black oil sunflower seeds! I squealed.

That's in addition to the usual titmice, the juncos, the chicadees, the carolina wrens, the house sparrows, the goldfinches, the white-breasted nuthatches, and my personal favorite - a pair of belligerent blue jays.

They're just so RUDE - I love them.

...your icon made me giggle.


Where did you find that icon. I just hurt myself laughing at it

oh my god. That icon is by far the best one I've ever seen. It took a few frames before I realized it was Bjork. Reminded me of the classic bit on Family Guy, a game show segment called "Bjork or Cat Being Strangled?" They would play a short sound clip, and the contestant had to guess whether it was a Bjork song or a cat being strangled. Most of the time, they would guess "Cat being strangled", only to find out it was actually a Bjork song. The best part is, they would actually use Bjork's song, and damned if it doesn't sound like a cat being strangled :)

Bjorg came on Furcadia.com one time as a white bunny. I talked to her myself. She said, "Hello, I am Iceland" Not knowing Icelandic, I spoke to her in German. She said, "Who speaks German to me?" Later the administrators of the site said that they had guided her around the site in a white rabbit form, So I really HAD spoken to her!

"Who speaks German to me?!"

*dies laughing*

Right - you're the only person I don't really know that will appreciate this.

It's a pair. A pair of red-bellied woodpeckers. The picture of the male is lousy because I took it through the window - but the picture of the female came out fabulously...

Very nice shot of the female!

Sorry to hear about the flat tire. Hopefully the trip to the tire store won't be too terrible.

Our feeder(s) have been particularly active since Saturday's ice storm. The All you Can Eat Buffet has been particularly popular with the squirrels, but the birds have also been really crowding around it. Apparently they've suddenly realized it's (almost) Winter or something.

Sorry to hear about the flat. Hopefully this is as interesting or more so than the birdwatcher game?

you are the third person on my friends list today that had a flat. Bizarre.

I'm not sure what it says about me that the first thing I though was, "Were you in your bathrobe at the time?"

everytime you say Juncos all i thing of is Juncus which is a pond plant i love to death

Into every life, a little rain must fall... or bird seed *g*


do I detect a quote from a Cowboy Junkies song, there? They did a song called Southern rain, went something like "Into every life, a little rain must fall, so let it be a Southern rain." Never understood why it had to be a Southern rain, since they are from Canada. Still one of my all time favorite bands, however.

Afraid not.

Love your little "Destroyer of Worlds" *g*


I ganked it a while back, I guess it's time for a different one for a while. I have a bunch of pics I got off www.icanhascheezeburger.com, but I haven't done anything with them.

AAA == God

Don't leave home without it.

I haven't seen Pine Warbler yet. ^_^ Huzzah for warblers!

Warblers are just about my favorite group of birds. I especially like the Black-Throated Green Warbler, ever since a young one landed on my hand while chasing an insect.

Irrelevent to this particular post...

But while doing my Christmas shopping I was considerably amused to see that while viewing the movie "Kinky Boots" on Amazon, your book Nurk was suggested to me :) I love your art, by the way...

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