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(no subject)

Another bloody flat tire! Passenger side this time. Sheesh! Two in one WEEK? Did I hit the tire fairy with my car? Do I have any enemies who know where I live? (I don't THINK I do...heck, I'm not even sure if I have enemies...)

Still, all's well that ends well, the tire place was open late, it was another free replacement, a buddy gave me a ride, so I was only out twelve bucks for the tow. Still a minor annoyance. Oh well.

My gratitude to the person who bought me The Book of Vice and the book on birdwatching, which arrived today! God, the Amazon wish list is awesome, and my readers are obviously awesome as well! (To say nothing of how much easier it makes Christmas shopping. "What do you want?" "Check the wishlist." I really gotta convince my relatives to do this. I hate Christmas shopping passionately.)

Perhaps double-check your tire pressure? The boyfriend had tires blow out in rapid succession, because the tire place he'd bought them from had overfilled them to begin with, and then wear and tear finished the job.

I saw a bird book the other day that I considered for you. It has recorded birdsongs you can use to identify 'em. Kind of entertaining.

I got one of those for my father last year. It gets used very often. The cats and parrot love it too.


Huh. Is there any construction going on around the areas you drive? I'm pretty sure that's how I landed my first flat: I got a nail through my left front tire, and I'd recently driven down a street where a new building was being erected. It sucks, but construction material that falls in the street can royally mess up your tires. Even something as simple as a nail.

I'm pretty sure my first nail (four friggin inches -- the repair dude was deeply impressed) was from my habit of driving a bit too far to the right, where all the road debris ends up. This, however, messes up the car less than the hereabouts all-too-frequent alternative of driving too far to the left, where oncoming cars tend to arrive. I'll take "pop" over "SMASH!!!!" any day.

Tire pressure seems more likely. Any car owner without a gauge for the trunk/glovebox should consider adding one to their Xmas list. Correct tire pressure also helps improve fuel efficiency.

Dang, I wanted to get The Book of Vice. Oh well, I'm sure you'll give us a review. :D

Ha! Those are awesome birdhouses!

Still looking for that DeLint for you. Have you read St.Lucy's home for girls raised by wolves yet?

Heh, if you figure our how to get parents to use online wishlists for prezzie selection, let me know... I can't even get mine to call me on my cellphone, despite having assured them that it's always on and is the best way to reach me. My parents and tech do not get on very well :-)

Beyond Birdwatching? Check your e-mail! =P

Oh, for... *frowns at LJ* That comment was mine.

when you change two flats on the SAME TIRE (okay, same wheel; two separate tires thanks to replacement) within the span of nine hours ... and the second one in a skirt and heels, then we can talk.

four flats this year (so far ... *sigh*) to bring the lifetime total to eight. yup, tires hate me.

Two flat tires in a week? Sounds like ninjas... I'll bet that is why Ben keeps trying to get outside! Just doing his job, he is.

Also have alignment rechecked, my ex-boyfriend was blowing tires a lot due to a tiny infraction of alignment - if I remember right a 1/8". Hope it stops!

I think I may be reading your blog too much, Ursula (if that's possible!).
Last night I had a birding dream.
I am not a birder. :P
Granted, I like birds, and I was a mini-birder when I was a kid, but yea.
It wasn't the strange-birds-oh-what-are-they? kind of dream you have. More a "look at all the cool birds! must take pics with my camera phone!" type. But still. Weird. I was trying to get pictures of cardinals. We don't have those in California. O.o

If I knew my relatives would actually check the thing, I'd probably use it for more than just tracking things I want to buy myself.

But as it stands, I'll get more Borders gift cards, which will work on Amazon's site in theory, but, in my experience, never in practice. And yes, they were in the Borders inventory, and no, I did not transpose digits.

(Deleted comment)
God, if only I'd thought of that during the Hello Kitty/Lisa Frank days...

Hmm. Are you going to have to make Ganesh the offering of little toy car wheels? Closely-occuring flats are fairly obstatacular! Is this a word? No, probably should be.

In other news, you've Officially Made It. Someone on dear_multiverse is playing The Little Creature, and is both cute and really rather creepy.