UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Hama Sutra

It is with some personal pleasure and somewhat more dismay that I announce the coming of a new project...the Illustrated Hama Sutra.

Some months ago, the notorious Mr. K-----, hard at work on his doctorate in Applied Hamster Studies, locked himself in his study with a case of Wild Turkey and a copy of that great work of rodent philosophy, the Hama Sutra. Determined to produce the definitive translation of this seminal work on the art of hamster love, he dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the project, communicating with the outside world only through notes shoved into empty bottles and thrown out the window. These missives included scattered pages of the translated manuscript, punctuated with demands for more booze and fresh cherry pies, which his editor duly shoved through the doggy-door once a day.

When the time came to consider illustration of this project, of course there was only one choice. The naturalist and artist Caliban, author of the exhaustive 36-volume Hamsters of North America, (which the critics hailed as "extremely bulky" and "squarish") was sought out at once. He was eventually discovered several hundred feet up a large pine tree, where he was convinced that he had uncovered a new type of perching tree-hamster, but was coaxed down with offers of tea and gallery showings.

While the manuscript will likely be illustrated in black and white, we have obtained a preliminary painting from the work, and post it here for your viewing pleasure.



The exact time-line of publication is yet unknown, as Mr. K--------'s missives have grown increasingly drunken, most recently including demands for a human-sized exercise wheel and 600lbs of cedar shavings, and Caliban is currently awaiting bail following the regrettable incident at Rodents 'R Us.

The Real Story: Okay, a buddy of mine (who can out himself if he wishes, although I withheld the name to protect the guilty) offered to do the text, and I've been threatening to do it for AGES...and damnit, sex oughta be light-hearted and playful as well as grim and fraught and all that stuff. Hence...hamsters.

God help us all.
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