UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

If today was a fish, it'd be circling the bowl...

A grey, wet, gloomy, miserable day. Went out to run errands. Got soaked. Brooded. Errands only partially successful. Wild goose chase in pursuit of duplicate car keys eventually ended sans goose. Discouraged, I headed home, to discover that the power was out. Oh...yay. Somedays even my native optimism and determined cheer falter and I just wanna prostrate myself in front of my miniature shrine to Ganesh and yell "MAKE THINGS BETTER!" (This is the essence of all prayer, I suspect.)

Oh, well. The power came back on eventually, obviously. The good days outnumber the bad by a healthy margin, which is all that one can ask out of life. Gonna pack for Michigan, then curl up with God of War 2 and hurt things until I feel better.
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