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(no subject)

...I kinda wanna try etchings, now.

This is dangerous. I am loaded down with books on screenprinting and intaglio printing, because of course I NEED another medium to fool with.

Still, the fine linework in the etchings is so gorgeous. My folks have the stuff to do drypoint, so I may try it this weekend and see what I can come up with (if anything!)

Now, to find someone in Raleigh with a press...!

Admit it. You just want to be able to lure romantic prospects with the traditional line. :)

That was my first thought. She's luring them into the barong-infested-bedroom with tantalizing etchings.

He had slyly enveigled her up to his flat
To view his collection of stamps
And he said as he hastened to put out the cat,
The wine, his cigar and the lamps:

"Have some Madeira, m'Dear!
You really have nothing to fear.
I'm not trying to tempt you, that wouldn't be right;
You shouldn't drink spirits at this time of night.
Have some Madeira, m'Dear!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Hey :) I'm sufficiently ignorant that I can't figure out what kind of press you're looking for -- but I have family in Raleigh with many odd and interesting friends of many diverse interests and activities, so if you'll let me know what you're looking for, I can at least ask them to ask... ?

Haha, better etching that lithography if you ask me. I'm certain if you talk to a college near by that has a printmaking studio, they'll probably let you use their presses. I'm at the Maryland Institute College of Art, and on the weekends when I go to run prints, there's always at least one or two people there printing who definitely aren't students, nor are they professors.

Like copper etchings? (http://steampunkworkshop.com/altoid-etch.shtml) ((Cause working with chemicals is the best thing ever.))

Your icon, it is beautiful. I could watch it for hours.

I have a friend who does electrolytic etching. They made me a very handsome etching of the Discworld Death for the cover of my geology reference book. I could ask them about it, if you want.

My mom has also attempted electrolytic etching with some success. She also has some good advice on safely working with acid and what kinds of non-toxic inks are particularly good. But electrolytic is pretty cool, and allows for some wild effects if you "screw up." You should definitely look into it!

Intaglio is really fun (really now... you get to play with acid, who doesn't love that!), but Lithography is a pain in the ass. Can't say about screenprinting, but I've heard it's fun.

Oh, intaglio! Yes, it's dangerously addictive - paper, inks, water, copper, etching grounds, layers upon layers of print... I wish I could afford a press of my own.

(Deleted comment)
I gots no e-mail at the moment! Ah...not really, no, too much art owed and hanging as it is...

Odd that despite all the classical media art I own my favorite piece was an etching done by my grandfather of my pet Guinea Fowl. He was extremely good at it but that and woodworking was all he did.
I worry about branching out and trying too many different mediums. Do you ever worry about spreading yourself too thin or just think of it as whatever it takes to get the message across?

Nah...I'm really a dabbler. I like to try anything and everything. Then I do three--usually three--examples of it. Then I go do something else. Short attention span, really...

I've heard that a servicable press can be made out of a couple of pieces of plywood, and an ordinary every-day car.

Just slip what you're pressing between the plywood (with appropriate layers of felt/paper) and park on it.


Don't listen to the naysayers: etching is love. When I think about aquatinting I get all gooey inside. (Though some would argue that that has something to do with the years of exposure to acids and solvents...)

Honestly, if you observe basic safety procedures and have adequate ventilation it's not nearly as toxic as it is often made out to be.

As an earlier commenter observed, there are colleges whose presses you may be able to get access to. There's also the Pullen Arts Center, which has printmaking classes... they may rent shop time if you ask them nicely. I don't know if there are any print co-ops in the area. You might even consider posting on Raleigh craigslist in the artist section, asking to rent press time.

If you have any questions about printmaking in general I'd love to help, I have a BFA in it and am working on an MFA. I'm sure you have plenty of other resources avalilable, including your parents, but you can't ever have too many resources.

Best of luck. I look forward to seeing the results of your drypoint experimentation.

come to nyc! I do letterpress printing in a rental shop here; it is wicked fun and totally addictive.

Use your friends! That's what I collect them for.

I think Leah has a press. Paul might also.

Acid-etching with a metal stylus of doom is fun. Just keep the end you aren't using to write with corked, or you'll end up poking yourself, and if you stab yourself on accident in the eye, we'd never forgive you. (J/k)
I've done a few pieces but don't have a place to do it now; but it WAS fun, and messy, and ...printers ink ended up *EVeryWHERE* and DOES NOT WASH OFF skin easily at all.