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(no subject)

I had a dream last night--one of those anxiety dreams where you're back in high school, and you can't remember where your classes are or which order they come in and it's finals and you didn't study.

And then I thought "Wait just a damn minute. I'm thirty years old. I graduated from college a decade ago."

It lost a certain amount of angst after that, so apparently my brain got pissed and had to pull out all the stops, and have a friend call me because there was a rattlesnake in the house, and I didn't know where she lived, and I kept misdialing 911, and then I lost my car in the parking lot and then she called to say the snake had bitten her, and she was paralyzed, but not to worry, she'd manage somehow. "I'll be right there, really! Can you mapquest the directions?" I asked, fending off the rapist who had chosen that moment to assault me. "I'll have my general assistance dog do it..." she said, and then I was distracted by a salesman who was selling pet rocks with little name-tags that read "More Rational Than Thou."

It was probably for the best that my mother came to wake me up at that point.

One of the best things about Effexor is that pretty much all the cigars are just cigars.

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your commentary on your strange dreams makes me glad that i so rarely remember mine because if i consistently remembered dreams like the ones i know i've had i'd prolly go insane. but then again i'm not a crazy artist. my insanity is in other places. ;)

My friend q13_exe had the most amazing dreams while he was on Effexor, and he still does now that he's off it. Your's really reminds me of his. He writes about them in his journal, but he doesn't warn you when it's a dream until the end of the post.

At least you were fully clothed. In my dreams of high school, I've not only got to get to a final for a subject I know nothing about, but I'm always without a shirt or pants.

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead! Oh, how I love that movie!

...Sorry. That was rather random, wasn't it?

I love the dumb show version the players do for the servants. The way they represent the waves and such is pretty cool.


I frequently have the same dreams of highschool..minus the studying part..I never have a studying issue. The weird part of my highschool dreams are that I always lose my shoes. And for the remainder of the dream I'm trying to reassure myself "my pant legs are long enough that nobody will notice!" I'm not sure why its always the shoes D:

I randomly alternate between elementary school without shoes and high school not knowing where my classes are and not really knowing the subjects, m'self, heh.

My last noteworthy dream ended with me walking out of a house that I was sharing with Robert Crumb as he was undressing my spouse.

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I have that R. Crumb documentary.

I'd buy a pet rock with a name tag reading "More Rational Than Thou."...

I'm not sure what that says about me...

I am so glad i am not the only one with throughly bizzare dreams. though so far i am the only person i know with a recuring cafeteria that is somehow nuetral territory and when i get there whatever is trying to kill/hurt/molest/whatever will grab a tray and sit and talk with me fgor a while like we are actors in a movie

Except often the cigars are somehow going to bring about the end of the world, if the giant ectoplasmic octopus on your front lawn doesn't get there first.

in the end of the world dreams for me it's always kali who does it.

Why is it always tests?

Whenever I have the back-in-highschool dreams, I'm always desperately trying to find my locker... and if I somehow do find it, I can't ever remember my combination or work the lock.

I graduated from college 10 years ago and vet school 5, yet I still have these dreams constantly too.

But sometimes a cigar IS a penis!

...and sometimes a Cigar is an infertile Thoroughbred. O,o

That is bizarre. I don't think I have commented to you before, but I like following your amusing posts.

I had a dream that I, at 25, AS a 25 year old was sitting in a 7th grade class, having to justify myself to a teacher younger than myself, when I beat up another kid for picking on me. In reality, I have actually sub'd 6th and 7th graders, for a 2 month period (that was long enough)! But anyway... What an odd similarity O.o

I last had playing drums for a band at the last minute - OK we had two rehearsals before the performance, but I've never played drums in my life. I had great fun, despite all the people being worried that I was doing it wrong.

And then my bass drum leg started hurting.

So I changed the angle at which I was making the pedal thingy move.

And the people being worried that I was doing it wrong gave up and went to worry somewhere else. Some days I love my subconscious.

"More Rational Than Thou." That is brilliant.

Mind if I use that?

After I flunked out of college, I joined the Coast Guard. I was in for five years, and around November and May of each year, I would dream that I'd signed up for college courses back in September/January, and forgotten to attend any classes, and now finals had rolled around and it was too late to drop....

After I got out of the Coast Guard, I went back to community college, and didn't have any more dreams like that... until I moved back to Monterey, where I'd been stationed during my last assignment, to get my degree at the brand-spanking-new Cal State Monterey Bay.

THEN I started dreaming that I'd re-enlisted, or was in some weird kind of reserve status, and hadn't been reporting for duty.

When I left Monterey, those dreams stopped, too.

Until I got a consulting job down there, and spent three and a half months commuting back to my old campus.

And started having dreams that combined BOTH.

I hate misdialing phone numbers. =( It doesn't help that I memorize so many, either...

And hey, at least you weren't insane in your dream. ^^ My highschool dreams are always late to class/can't find class/don't know what classes I have/losing my sanity kind of affairs. 9_9 Very depressing.

Epic. I applaud your dreams spiraling that far out of control.

I've occasionally had the high school dreams. They're usually presented in the context that I'm using flex hours (or something) at work to attend school and further educate myself, although somehow the question of "Why would an adult go back to high school instead of college/university/tradeschool" never seems to come up. Apparently, in my subconcious, education = highschool.

But yeah. All the anxiety of "what class next, oh no where's my timetable, where's my locker, what books do I need, what's the time, what day is it, am I gonna fail" combined with an extra helping of "wait, should I be at school or work today, is there stuff at work that I forgot and should be doing right now, are there people waiting for me to turn up and do something / be somewhere".

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