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(no subject)

One of my kid brother Max's Christmas presents, courtesy of my ex, was The Dangerous Book for Boys. (I wholeheartedly approved this gift.) Max, reading about it, learned that there was a companion volume, The Daring Book for Girls.

"I should get that!" he said seriously. "Then I'd know what kind of skills girls have!"

The sounds of his sister quietly having hysterics and having to be supressed like the guinea pig in Alice in Wonderland were fortunately lost to posterity.

I have a very, very bad mind.

ETA: Further moments in sibling bonding...

I got Max the Lego Star Wars game for the PS2, which he has been playing enthusiastically (you get to hack stuff up with a lightsaber, but they fall into lego pieces, so it's apparently okay.) We get a blow-by-blow account, as one might expect. He was very upset to find himself playing Anakin.

"I don't want to be Anakin!"

"Don't worry," I said soothingly, "we know you're a much better actor..."

Later on, as I was writing, I got "Guess who I'm now--I'm--that one guy--you know! With the purple lightsaber!"

"Mace Windu," I said automatically, not looking up.


I became aware of the sudden loud silence behind me as my mother nobly refrained from laughing at my geekery. Tom didn't even try.

My son got that book, too! From my mom. I plan to steal it and read it on the sly so I'm prepared.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, if you're stuck in the woods with no matches, palmistry is of limited use.

(Deleted comment)
Get him The Daring Book for Girls; it'd be good for him.

Also, SW geekery! So cute!

you definitely should get the book for him :::nods:::

We gave a copy of the boys book to our nephews, but we couldn't find the girl's book. Definitely have to check the local B&N for after Christmas bargains.

I got The Dangerous Book for Boys for my daughter last year, and we both enjoyed it a lot (and have done some of the things in it, too). This Christmas, I had a look at The Daring Book for Girls and put it down in disgust. Makeup, sleepovers, cooking, fortune telling... Nah. Just Barbie twaddle, reinforcing the "precious princess" view of girls I've spent her whole upbringing trying to combat.

Girls should learn how to fish, and make camp in a forest, and how to build an electronic burglar alarm or radio reciever, and paddle a kayak, and handle a sword (well, I've taught her that) and a bow and arrow (that, too), and the rousing poems of heroics, and the ones about why blind obedience is stupid, and how to make fun things out of household chemicals, how to carve things, and...

The whole society is trying to make girls into pretty little princesses, or, failing that, sluts. Vapid creatures obsessed with looks and keeping boys happy.

I'm not going to get her anything that reinforces that.


er... sorry. Rant over.

I want her to be strong, and know lots of different things,

*grin* I don't think that's a rant you need to apologize for...

I got my son the Dangerous Book for Christmas this year. I hadn't looked at the Daring Book yet, figuring a four-year-old was far too young, but if it's all palmistry, sleep-overs and make-up tips, I think we'll skip it and try to find a Girl Scout manual from the 50s. Yes, it did have some housekeeping stuff in it, but it also had knots, canoeing, archery, building a latrine, building an outdoor (camp) kitchen, and stuff like that. I always thought that Mom's Girl Scout manual was much more interesting than mine was.

The sounds of his sister quietly having hysterics and having to be supressed like the guinea pig in Alice in Wonderland were fortunately lost to posterity.

I think you possibly meant dormouse rather than guinea pig? If you meant, by supression, "being forcibly shoved into a teapot".

Never mind, I just located the bit in question.

Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately
suppressed by the officers of the court. (As that is rather a
hard word, I will just explain to you how it was done. They had
a large canvas bag, which tied up at the mouth with strings:
into this they slipped the guinea-pig, head first, and then sat
upon it.)

...ok, what I don't understand is how anybody could *not* respond, "Mace Windu," without even looking up. That's not geekery, that's like essential life knowledge! I mean, it's *Samuel L. Jackson*, for crying out loud!

Actually... not so much. I didn't know it at all. Though it could also be I am one of those weirdos who never was able to sit through Star Wars without falling asleep.

I think boys and girls need both books, I mean I want my son to be able to turn any pup tent into a beauty salon, and my daughter to be able to tie decent knots during the sleep-over bondage games. :)

I am told, on a related note, that Boy Scouts are all closet perverts.

I got The Dangerous Book for Hubby for Father's Day. He rolled his eyes and was totally ungrateful... then spent the rest of the week taunting his own father with trivia from the book and discussing tidbits with our son.

For a moment I misread that and thought you'd purchased something entitled The Dangerous Book for Hubby. Clearly the third in the series. I instantly wanted it for my spouse.

And then after that I suppose there'd be The Sneaky Book of World Domination for Wives?

I LOVE those books. I stole my cousin's 'Dangerous book for boys,' and wouldn't give it back until Mum got me the girl's one. Unfortunately, I think I may like the boy one better. XD

I mean... random, unrelated facts. I dig that kind of stuff, and I'm eighteen. XD

Random, random book I found once but love: Wildwood Wisdom by Ellsworth Jaeger. It's a reprint of a book originally published in 1942, and it's basically instructions for how to be Davy Crockett. In theory, after reading this book, all you'd need to survive in the wild is a good knife, because it tells you how to deal with the rest pretty much anywhere in North America.

that book is sooooooo cool. It was a great companion to The American Boy's Handybook. I think I made moccasins from it, and read up on tanning things with brains. ^_^

At the moment, the only one I have is the Dangerous Book For Dogs, and am very thankful that the Corgi-beast is illiterate. Maybe I should see about picking up the others.

Lego Star Wars is amazing. I wasn't entirely certain how the combination would work, especially since I never did very well in other Star Wars video games, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a Lego game is greater than the sum of its parts. ;)

Any game where the previews has Darth Maul in Leia's gold bikini is worth buying.

Seriously. Cross-dressing Darth Maul.