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(no subject)

One of my kid brother Max's Christmas presents, courtesy of my ex, was The Dangerous Book for Boys. (I wholeheartedly approved this gift.) Max, reading about it, learned that there was a companion volume, The Daring Book for Girls.

"I should get that!" he said seriously. "Then I'd know what kind of skills girls have!"

The sounds of his sister quietly having hysterics and having to be supressed like the guinea pig in Alice in Wonderland were fortunately lost to posterity.

I have a very, very bad mind.

ETA: Further moments in sibling bonding...

I got Max the Lego Star Wars game for the PS2, which he has been playing enthusiastically (you get to hack stuff up with a lightsaber, but they fall into lego pieces, so it's apparently okay.) We get a blow-by-blow account, as one might expect. He was very upset to find himself playing Anakin.

"I don't want to be Anakin!"

"Don't worry," I said soothingly, "we know you're a much better actor..."

Later on, as I was writing, I got "Guess who I'm now--I'm--that one guy--you know! With the purple lightsaber!"

"Mace Windu," I said automatically, not looking up.


I became aware of the sudden loud silence behind me as my mother nobly refrained from laughing at my geekery. Tom didn't even try.

(Deleted comment)
Have you ever read 'Tales of Jabba's Palace'? The amount of miraculous escapes from things exploding boggles the mind. Apparently Max shimmied down the side of the Jabba-mobile we just didn't happen to see and legged it out into the desert.

I managed to play a brief few moments of Phantom Menace Lego. I had more fun slicing the shit out of chairs and tables then anything else.

Maybe the books should be combined. "The Daring and Dangerous Everything Book for Everyone".

This is completely unrelated to your post, but I have to ask. Have you ever watched Supernatural? It's a lovely, brilliant horror show. on the CW at 9 on Thursdays. Also, has two of the hottest boys in tv!!!

If you have watched it, I (and probably other of your readers) would love to hear your opinion.

Reminds me of a wonderful book I had when I was young - Kids Shenanigans: Great Things to Do that Mom and Dad Will Just Barely Approve Of. It told you the best places to hide from grown ups, how to climb up door frames, the best paper airplane designs, and how to build an absurdly complicated contraption with rubber bands, brooms, cups and other household items that... well, I forget what it actually ~did~, but really, that wasn't the point.

I just saw those books at the store the other day and they amused me terribly, I want both copies for myself, and one for my niece. Such a great idea!

charlottezweb gave me the originals of those for Giftmas! (By which I mean, "The Original Girl's Handy Book" and "The Original Boy's Handy Book". Current reprints of 1887 and 1880 books.)