UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Ladies and gentlemen, I come before you in triumph.

Today, I made scrambled eggs. With cheese.

Go ahead, laugh. I know. Doesn't sound like much. But I have never scrambled an egg in my entire life, and it was in the spirit of deranged adventure that I decided to do something with all those eggs left over from the last baking experiment. (Except that I had to buy milk. Damnit. Why does milk only come in such huge sizes? I don't drink milk, I despise the taste, it is only good for cooking so far as I am concerned.* If I need two tablespoons for my eggs, what in blazes do I do with the rest of the half gallon? Mind you, I thought about just getting a teeny carton of cream instead, but the notion of scrambled eggs with cream seemed dangerously decadent.)

And they came out edible! Some slightly brown spots--christ, scrambled eggs cook fast, I really should have opened the cheese in advance--but edible!

I am more proud of this than I am of getting through Devil May Cry 2, which I did last night.

Tomorrow, since there are more eggs, and all that damn milk, I will try scrambled eggs with cheese and ham.

We're off the map now, people...

*On the other hand, I will walk through fire for cheese and require healthy amounts of sour cream on my
Mexican food. Go figure.
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