UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

A morning spent running errands for con prep, which mostly involves me making a list, losing the list, and then trying to remember what was on the list by muttering to myself about what I need. Kudos to Kevin for falling gracefully into the role of herder-of-artists. ("What else do I need...?" "Receipt books." "Right!") This can be a particularly harrowing job because immediately before conventions, as a number of my friends have learned, I tend to start losing nouns. ("I need...err...THINGY!" *wild hand gestures*  "...is it bigger than a breadbox?") I don't know where the nouns go. They just wander off.

But I'm armed! I'm ready-ish! I have mats for my art, by virtue of strolling into the frame shop at Jerry's and saying "Hi! You look busy, I'll cut the mats myself." "Good, 'cos I don't have time to do it..." (Which worked out well for everybody, because the mat cutter really needed the blade replaced, which isn't a hard job, per se, but you do have know how to do it. And I got my mats free.) I have granola and power bars and beef jerky and booze and a new file tote for lugging prints in a delightfully garish pink, and although I've lost my jumbo print rack somewhere, goddamnit, I am otherwise set.

So tonight, I just have to mat the art--fortunately I rummaged up a few extra pieces from under the bed, and found the con stock of linoblock prints, which are at least affordable for people on a budget, I feel bad when there's nothing on the panel that anybody can afford--and finish filling the furry print book.

And pack.

My New Rock boots are not here yet. They're supposed to come in tomorrow, hopefully before I leave for the con, so that I can be all thuggin'. *grin*

ETA: And as I was walking back from the mailbox, a random stranger passing on the sidewalk said "Hey, gorgeous!" to me. I said "Hey, thank you!" *chuckle* Beats the heck out've the usual vague avoiding eye contact you get in this complex...
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