UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Damn, that absente is potent!*

Had a lovely evening. We tested the booze, found it more than acceptable, and then realized we needed to eat, but were now too drunk to drive, and so spent a very amusing hour raiding my bachelor fridge, cupboards, and the contents of the gift baskets that Technicon gave me. A deviled egg is a thing of great beauty when you're lit. (Actually, a deviled egg is a thing of great beauty most of the time. I have a serious weakness for deviled eggs.)

Woke up to a sneezing Ben. Damnit. He was boarded over the weekend, and unfortunately the steroids depress the immune system, so he seems to have picked up a bug. He's on antibiotics still, so hopefully that'll take care of it, but I'll mention it when I take him back for his checkup.

Also, I got nuthin' for April Fool's. Err. Sorry?

*110 proof, to be precise.
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