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The "Help Ursula Appease The Government" Print!

Well gang, I owe the government big time, (and naturally Ben picked this moment to become ill) so I figure we'll try something a little silly and a little daring!

To that end, I've done a painting: The Taxman

So here's what I'm thinkin'. The Taxman is going to be a limited edition jumbo print, but I don't know how big an edition yet. S'up to you guys. For $25 plus shipping, you can order one now--send an e-mail to ursulav (at) metalandmagic.com or a note via DA or something. (I can't keep track if you just say you want one in the comments, so please, send an e-mail!)

I'll take orders right up until April 15th, and however many got ordered, that'll be the size of the edition, plus two (I'll keep the first and last for a pair of upcoming shows that need filling--he's close enough to a Strange Bird to shove a print into the August show.)

I have no idea how well this is going to work. It may be an edition of two if nobody likes the piece, it may be an edition of fifty if a lot of people do--we'll find out! Come April 15th, the edition closes, I'll do the print run, sign and number them, and send 'em out, and that'll be the last they'll be available unless you A) hit one of those two shows or B) somebody decides to part with theirs.

I really don't expect this to be a huge seller or anything, but hey, any little bit to appease Uncle Sam...

I'm tempted to suggest it should be a limited edition of 120, unless you have to factor in taxes on this sales as well! (no doubt!)

*laugh* I have no hope of moving 120 of him whatsoever, alas...

I've emailed you. I'll certainly take one.

(But if he's a bird to begin with, why isn't he a vulture? That's what I want to know.)

PS: I linked you. On average, that's an extra ~500 sets of eyes clicking through on anything I post, even if nobody buys.

And there, on his shoulder, is the little weasel from Accounts Review.

*grin* I've already sent in my email. He'll be the first piece of art bought for my new apartment (like I need an excuse to buy more art).

And I have no doubt that this is gonna be a large edition.

Hmm. As an alternative solution, how much do you charge for commissions of small cute amphibians?

Three thousand dollars!

Err...wait...no. Um. Would depend on the small cute amphibian, and there'd be a substantial delay--my commissions have a pretty long turnaround these times, but hey, send an e-mail, you never know.

You have a weasel in steampunk goggles... do you know how awesome that is?

How big is a "jumbo print" anyway? *eyes walls uncertainly*

13 x 19, image is about 12 x 18, they fit nicely into a 16 x 20 float frame or if matted, fit 18 x 24 nicely.

Also, Moist von Lipwig is supposed to be a tax collector in his next appearance, the picture evokes him to some extent. :)

I don't know about a Taxman print (it would scare my mom to death when she visits.. she's one of those country floral types *shudder*) but have you decided anything about the pins yet? I'll buy them all!

I might be interested (my sister is training to be an accountant - I think this would make an excellent addition to her future offices). How much would shipping to Canada be? (Not an exact amount, just an ish).

Charging about $18 to Canada these days on the jumbo (and they are packed like Fort Knox. I can supply testimonials. *grin*)

I have no idea how well this is going to work. It may be an edition of two if nobody likes the piece (...)

I really don't expect this to be a huge seller or anything

... do you even look at your own art? I mean, sure, you know your business better than I do, but "if nobody likes the piece"? Come on!

I'm sending you my email now. Mind you, as a freelancer I probably should be - and indeed am - seriously worried about my own taxes, but I'm sure I can spare $25 plus shipping for such a cool print.

Like many things, I am much too close to my own art to be an objective judge whatsoever. *grin*

Also, hell, sometimes the ones I think are REALLY COOL never sell at all, and the ones I whip out in a frantic pre-con rush hit some kind of nerve, so I never can tell...

THAT IS AMAZING. Augh! WANT. If only I wasn't broke...

i think I need one of those..seeing for years my dream was to be a tax(wo)man but it never happened.

Quick question... Do you know an approximate cost for shipping to Australia? I'm thinking of getting one, just to help you. :)

$20 to get the jumbo to Australia!

Sign me up for one. As well, sign me up for the texture tutorial mentioned above :P.