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My turn in the can 'o worms...

Okay, are we all tired of hearing about the Open Source Boob Project yet? Yes? Thought so.

The biggest thing that offended me about the outrage was it all seemed to follow the lines of "I would never let someone touch my boobs in public, so nobody should let anyone touch their boobs in public" and vague PROTECT THE CHILDREN POOR HELPLESS STUPID WOMEN. I've even seen posts that to participate would be telling guys that it's ok to rape you.

I take the stand that as long as it's legal and not harmful, what two consenting adults do elsewhere is their own business.

'All'? You might want to read more broadly if that's all you got out people's responses.

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I guess some people have different notions of what conventions are for than I do. I sure as hell have never gone with the intention of touching boobs.

Oh, it did happen once or twice. But what happens in the room parties stays in the room, got it? Sheesh.

My hope is that, after the wank-splosion of OSBP dies down, not only will the people involved have learned their lesson, but that those con-goers who don't even bother to ask if they can touch you and just do will get a fucking clue. Because seriously, who thinks it's ok to run up to a random girl (albeit, a random girl cosplaying a guy), honk her boobs, stand around long enough to get a photo taken while said honkee is stunned and then take off with a laugh? And to show that stupidity has no gender limits, the person that did this to me was also female. I am remarkably open-minded, and at the time I was dazed and all kinds of "wtf..?", but now I wish I'd hauled off and punched her in the gob. Really folks. Common sense. Get you some. -_-

"Because seriously, who thinks it's ok to run up to a random girl (albeit, a random girl cosplaying a guy), honk her boobs, stand around long enough to get a photo taken while said honkee is stunned and then take off with a laugh? "
What? Are you referring to theferret? Because I don't remember him posting anything like this. Have you a link to him saying so?

I....I tried to be open minded..but all I can see in my brain is the guy in his icon grabbing some poor girls tits...and Im just grossed/creeped out


Its an elaborate attempt to get to grab free boobs. Guy package groping is obviously a no-no and so is man boob touching..he said so himself, if you read through all those comments...women boobz onry lulz

yeah, sounds innocent and non-sexual to me *eyeroll*

Well, man *boob* touching was okay, because that wasn't sexual, but no man junk!

The thing that pissed me off the most about the project was that the guy said something along the lines of "Of course women with buttons still have the right to decline." which launched a train of thought that went "Oh awesome, the right to say "no"! What right is the almighty man going to give us next? The right not to be sold as property to a pervert 30 years your senior for 2 cows and a chicken? The right to receive equal pay for equal work? The right to vote? OH NO WAIT, WE ALREADY HAVE THOSE!!"

There was also a woman who allowed a man to grope her because "He was nice enough to ask."
WTF?? Women of the world, get off the floor! YOU ARE NOT A DOORMAT.

I know, right? I was horribly, horribly upset by his description of the "shy" women coming up to them and and asking if their boobs were worthy of being groped.

Haha! What, someone actually thought that was a good idea? Man, if I asked a girl if I could just grab her boobs, I would expect (and deserve!) a punch strong enough to break my nose!

Even if you're in a situation where it's acceptable (say, you've been making out on the couch for half an hour, and various items of clothing are being removed), asking it could really kill the ambiance.

Well, after I thought about it a while, I thought, "This is dumb. If I want you to touch me,* I'll let you know. And if I don't, I'll let you know." At least,that's how things worked back in the day that was my day. I thought I was really quite clear, and as I saw it at the time, no real mistakes were made about that.

And then I thought of the guys I've known who might be very happy with that situation (being told yes or no without having to verbalize it) but are just so clueless that they **honestly can't tell** when a woman is saying touch me and when she's saying back off. Not that I'm at all interested in wearing button or being asked or in any way putting the Boobs for Boobs Project in action, but I could kind of figure out a slightly reasonable explanation for how it developed.

But you're still quite right that it's a really, really Bad Idea.

*That would be happening some universe where I'm considerably younger and more than two men (one of whom has a speculum in his other hand) would be interested in touching my ta-tas.

I've seen articles on studies that show that men are less able to read body language. That they were just as likely to confuse 'flirty' gestures as being friendly, as they were to confuse 'friendly' with flirty. I didn't look too closely so it could have been flawed, but I think a lot of guys would think a simple 'yes, I'd like you to touch my chest' would be a whole lot easier than trying to figure out if a girl just fluttered her eyes because she wants a kiss, or because she's got dust in her eyes.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
This is the best article I've seen on this, and its well put together.

Wow, I hadn't heard of any of this. Have to say, from what little I read about the guy, he sounds like a creep. Who should be smacked. Repeatedly. Not necessarily for the project idea, but for his comments. Specifically, the "take her out to an alley and rape her if she finally consents" one.

"we're somewhat past the era when I could say "What!? What kind of trollop do you think I am!? My seconds shall call upon you at dawn, sir!"*** and smooth the whole thing over with bullets."

Ohh, but if only we were still in that era... Just imagine how many less people would be in jail for rape or some other such thing.

Technically it was 'take her out to an alley and beat her if she makes him beg fifteen times before consenting'.

Just for accuracy.

(Deleted comment)
I'm with you. I personally think that the intentions were neither hostile nor objectifying, but would not be a good idea in practice for the reasons you stated.

Actually, the gentleman who started this whole discussion by posting about the Open Source Boob Project (which did happen at a PenguinCon, according to said post) has also said it would be a bad idea to do again. More or less for the reasons you stated.

It's sad, I think, but there you are...

That is the sort of idea only a nerdy fanboy could possibly come up with.

Yes, the more average sort of guy just grabs without bothering to think up elaborate constructions as to why it's a good idea.

**bows to your munificence**

And as soon as I was done reading this, the streaming MST3K segued into this song.

"Clay is alive, and it wishes to be useful."

oh yes! well, I *can* make sculptures, but I'd so much rather make something that someone can use for something other than collecting dust and spiderwebs (as much as I do love spiderwebs). In fact, I dropped out of college the 1st time around partly because I was an art major and a potter, and my prof didn't consider making dishes to be worthy of the program; it couldn't be Art because it was just lowly 'craft'.

And this is why I've completely given up on Anime conventions. I have encountered more real life creeps at the 5-7 different Anime conventions I've been to than the handful of Furry conventions I've attended.