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*grumble* Bloody Staples sent me PHOTO black instead of MATTE black ink, so now I've got to wait another day before finishing out the Taxman print run. Muthas.

Today, painty painty painty. Which is getting tricky because the sky is so grey and heavy that I just want to take a nap (despite having been awake for all of...oh...THREE HOURS.)

Sometimes I wonder how I lived in Oregon all those years, when grey knocks me flat on my ass these days...

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Sometimes I wonder how I lived in Oregon all those years, when grey knocks me flat on my ass these days...

I'm starting to wonder that for myself (even though I spent most of my life in Eastern Oregon, where it is considerably drier). Too rainy a day over here requires me to use my light therapy lamp to function and I wilt completely from November through February. It's like the extra bright Finnish summers made it go "Oh, I REALLY LIKE this sun stuff!" and now it's all addicted and goes into shock without it. Quite frustrating.

Of course, it could be that I simply have lower resiliance in general due to getting older, but I'd rather not think about that!

I'm getting that here in the Chicago area today. At least it was mostly sunny yesterday and we got to work outside on our garden and on the bird feeders. That does seemed to have helped both of our general moods. (Not that we were particularly grumpy or anything, but that we really wanted to get out and dig in the dirt.)

Rochester is the exact same way... grey grey grey aaaall the time. The sun is a rare commodity, even in spring. I just invested in a lot of extra lighting for my workspace. Keeps me alert and focused.

I'm having the same problem in Seattle, where we get about 90 non-cloudy days each year.

Oh God, right there with you. Sitting upright is a challenge, let alone typing.

Gray knocks me flat on my ass, too...ESPECIALLY if it's a charging elephant.

You're one up on me. I have trouble even getting out of bed if I can hear the rain on the roof. I just want to burrow that much deeper under the covers when it's raining out. But I tend to use that as an excuse to stay in bed (healthy) and snorgle cats, drink tea and read.

Ever thought of a full spectrum lamp over your work area?

I like the grey! Sunlight gives me headaches and I work nights. :D

*helpfulchitter* i kud alwaze giv thim a 'righteous retrabutshun biate'. thet wun kovurz a multitood uv infraktshunz.

Sunlight is nasty, addictive stuff. I'm glad that here in Eugene we've managed to quit it cold turkey.


I lied! I want warmth! I want light! I want it not to be freezing hail in freaking April!

(Stay strong!)


Dang, I have to sort of state pride that they were shooting for during the Civil War...

Fellow self-employed artist-type person with amusingly snarky wit... I've added you. Loved your take on OSBP. Commenting here because I didn't want to be on page fifty-eleven. No obligation to reciprocate is expressed or implied.

Grey in the Pacific Northwest is not at all the same as grey in North Carolina or elsewhere. I'm looking out the window right now at a cloudy sky that's varous nifty shades of cool blue and white.

Back in good 'ol NJ where and grew up (and seemingly the same in other east coast states I've lived in or visited) grey is often just grey.

Not to dismiss anyone's sensation of being knocked flat on their ass here in the northwest, of course.

Are you sure it wasn't just New Jersey knocking you flat on your ass? ;oP (Sorry, as a DC-ite I feel obliged to rag on NJ...)

Hi there, author-lady!

Nurk got mentioned here, on a blog that usually provides analysis and snark about covers of young-adult novels.

Re: Hi there, author-lady!

Nurk is also, apparently, coming out earlier than expected.
Did I miss something? I got the following email:

"Hello from Amazon.com.

We are writing about the order you placed on November 06 2007 06:18 PST
(Order# 102-7420409-2870650). The item(s) listed below will actually
ship sooner than we originally expected:

Ursula Vernon (Author) "Nurk: The Strange, Surprising Adventures of
a (Somewhat) Brave Shrew" [Hardcover]
Estimated arrival date: 05/06/2008 - 05/08/2008"

I am not complaining, mind, just surprised.

Oregonians doth protest too much, methinks.

I was in Oregon last May for eight days straight. It was bright and sunny the entire time, except for perhaps one evening where it might have rained for a few hours.

Re: Oregonians doth protest too much, methinks.

You caught all 8 sunny days of the year. *eyes gray vista from her window*

Ok, we might get more than that, but it's hard to remember that in April. I console myself with the idea that the more it rains, the greener it'll be in the gardens.

Re: Oregonians doth protest too much, methinks.

And overcast days are the best for taking pictures of the blooms due to reduced contrast.

Re: Oregonians doth protest too much, methinks.

No, they really don't, if they live in the Western part of the state. It isn't called temperate rainforest for nothing. May is heading into summer, which means less days straight of rain in a row--but during the depths of autumn through to early spring it is quite rainy indeed.

Eastern and Central Oregon are entirely different (and oft forgotten for all they're 2/3 of the state), however. If you were east of the Cascades, you were in high desert country, and that may well be why you got 8 days straight of sun.

Re: Oregonians doth protest too much, methinks.

While it's true that the high desert is arid, that only accounted for one of the eight days. About half my family harks from Oregon so I've heard a few of the rainy weather jokes. But it seems that each time I visit the weather is mainly fair. 8-)

Re: Oregonians doth protest too much, methinks.

Then you should come visit more often, so that we actually get some nice weather!

I moved to the Portland area last July, and come September, it rained non-stop through February. Then we got like three days without rain. Then it rained more. I came here because I like rain, mind you-- no more! Now I can't wait to get the hell out of here to a place that the sun actually likes. Trust me, you can't come here for a week and think you know how the weather actually is...

Yes, I agree. (Improbable as it may seem, I believe you have just won an argument on the internet!)

LOL you crack me up! No, seriously, come visit your family... it hailed today right when I stepped out of the apartment. We need you here, apparently!

Hopefully I'll be able to get my stuff together and get back to you about the money order for The Taxman by - well, later today. (fey-janeward @ DeviantArt here.) In my defense, for some reason DA decided not to notify me that you'd responded back to that note! (It's been acting weird lately.)

Er. Mind if I add you, transaction in limbo due to my ineptitude and RL-being-death-on-a-plate notwithstanding?

Have you tried sunlight light bulbs? Just a thought. I've heard a couple of people saying great things about them. I do live in Manchester, England, where grey and rain are wellll let's call them frequent visitors, the sort who raise eyebrows when they leave for more than a day or so.

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