UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Spent the morning preparing another big stack of Taxman prints to go out...sorry these are taking so long, everybody, I obviously did NOT sufficiently budget the time required to mail 150 prints! (And if this ever happens again, Ursula will have learned her lesson, believe me...) But the first waves are arriving, and the testimonials about the amazing packing job are coming in, so that's something. Personal favorite:
...may I say that I've never
received such an armoured package before. Seriously, the world can
fall to nuclear fire and the cockroaches take over, and that print
would still be unbent
This is what we like to hear! *grin*

This last stack should be the bulk of the orders--the rest are ones that are combined with other print orders, and so have been taking longer to fill, but they're a-comin'.

...I need to order more ink.

Also! I am trying to get these adult-content filters to work for me--the journal default is set at "may be inappropriate for under 14" but hopefully things like this are showing up open. It's all a matter of remembering to set the little box. (Is this showing up unfiltered?)
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