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Ugh. Apparently the recent  postal increases and the fuel surcharges mean that I'm taking a bit of a bath on mailing...regret to inform everybody that mail costs on prints will be going up a bit from here on out. (As in, it's cost nearly a grand more on mailing the Taxman prints than I'd expected...uf, da. That hurts rather bad. Not as much as the tax bill hurt, of course, so it ultimately works out okay, but still...kind've a shock to see the bank balance that much lower than expected! Apparently the cost of international mail took a pretty hefty jump recently, particularly to Canada, so...well...UGH.)

Oh, well. My own fault for not paying attention to the rate increase...at least I should be getting a book advance here shortly to help kill some of the pain...

May need to auction off another commission here shortly...
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