UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Blarggh! Too much to do, too much to do...I can definitely feel the burnout starting to creep in. I have to do two Dragonbreath pages a day, plus the occasional Digger, in addition to all the usual stuff I need to do to make a living as an artist, in addition to getting ready to move.

Well, the moving's not so bad. At the moment I just throw a couple of bags of books in the car or a box of random kitchen stuff whenever I go over to Kevin's. At that rate, hopefully things will be pretty much stripped down to art and furniture by the time mid-September rolls around.  (I have learned my lesson. Art goes last. Otherwise the walls will stare at me for weeks.)

Still, I'm definitely frazzling on the art front. I can see all of these beautiful paintings in the Klimt-esque style I've been fooling with, but I have no time until this book is done.

Today's a Digger & Dragonbreath day, and I'm procrastinating, so back to work...
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